My So Called Junky Life’s 2010 Spring Bead Swap Party

June 29, 2010

{First off I want to thank Sarah over at My So Called Junky Life for hosting this swap. Thanks, Sarah!}
So, my first bead swap is OVER today! And you know what that means! I have to hand over the goods ~ well, at least photos of the goods. And I’m afraid to. Why? Well, because my swap partner, Terri of Designs by Terri Gordon is a very talented mixed media artist (among other things). And she was so kind to send me such GREAT STUFF (I know, my descriptive verbiage is pretty incredible considering my English and law degrees lol). Anyway, I’m nervous about this unveiling, of sorts, but I guess it’s best to just jump right in! So without further ado, welcome to my first gallery opening….

This rhinestone brooch took my breath away. As a focal piece it’s quite regal, and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. As much as I love traditional vintage jewelry, I really wanted to make it a bit more contemporary, yet still retain a vintage flair. Hopefully I managed that with the pearls and organza ribbon.  Now on to exhibit number two.

My favorite bead of all is what I call the “Disco ball.” Yup, that’s the official terminology for it. I wanted to showcase it without having it lost in the shuffle. So I created a necklace around it. And my proclivity for lockets, of course, led me to create this locket and charm necklace. The emerald cut aquamarine jewel is SO beautiful! And I’m very much into birds these days, and antique brass. Hence the bird charm and chain. Oh, and the clasp is to die for ~ what a spectacular Swarovski toggle! I love it. And now, for the piece de resistance.

Okay, this was quite a challenge, even for me. As you can imagine, my being Charm Bracelet Diva and all, I was dying to create a bracelet with all this great bling. And this was a first for me ~ I used a vintage brooch (gorgeous) as the focal piece on the bracelet. As you can see it turned out, well, pretty fabulous, no? Seriously, I was quite pleased with the result. I hope you like it, too!

You should head on over to Sarah's blog and find the links to all the other party members' blog posts.  I can't wait to see them all!  Thanks again, Sarah for hosting this swap. And thanks to my swap partner, Terri, who was so kind to send me such spectacular baubles to work with! It was a pleasure ladies! So when’s the next swap?

It’s Red Carpet Time (Again!)

June 28, 2010

Well, not exactly the R-E-A-L honest-to-goodness red carpet, but STILL, I do feel pretty popular right now. I actually got my second and third Versatile Blogger Awards! It really feels great to get a pat on the back every now and then. (Anyone who denies this is lyin’!)

My first props came from Carol at The Answer is Chocolate. I already blogged about this a few blog posts ago.  She’s a crafty lady with an awesome sense of humor. Check her out!

My second award comes from Chara Lynn over at Nothing But FABULOSITY! Thank you Chara! She’s nothing but FABULOUS (I mean it). So
head on over and tell her I said hi!

My third award comes from Brooke over at Leksi Designs This Handmade Life. She’s a talented jewelry designer and blogger. Check her out. Thanks Brooke!

Now I’m supposed to tell 7 things about myself. Already been there, done that. You can read about it in my first award post (Sorry, I'm pretty boring.)

The fun part is where I get to send shout outs to some bloggers I’ve recently discovered and think are awesome!

(I've used buttons and links where I could.  My computer's being kind of ornery right now.....aaaarrrgh.  I'll have to come back and fix the link errors later ~ sorry!) 

1) Circle of Buttons

2) A Pixie and a Gypsy

Anne-Marie with a Dash

5) Faded Charm

6) The Bloggers Concierge (their button is in an earlier post, scroll down!) 

Go on now, click and enjoy! :)

This Week's Featured Artisan ~ Finding Charm

This week's Featured Artisan is Finding Charm Her jewelry is one of a kind.  I love her Gold Ring Charm and Ribbon bracelet and Swarovski Crystal and Black Rose Pendant necklace!  Check her out at Etsy, Artfire , Twitter, her Blog and youTube.

Bloggy Flip Flop Exchange

June 27, 2010

I just wanted to share with you the flip flops I got from Nancy, my flip flop exchange partner in Texas.  They're sandals, actually.  They're decorated with some vintage-ey looking bling ~ she said she thought that was appropriate for me! :)  You can go to her blog and see what I sent her (ONCE SHE HAS POSTED ABOUT IT ~ as of today I don't think she has).

She also sent me some brochures on the beautiful state of Texas, along with a sweet note.  The sandals will come in handy this summer at the beach!  Thanks, Nancy!

Thanks also goes to the host of the exchange ~ Becca over at The Texas Darlings. Thanks, Becca!

I'll be really busy this week with my first bead swap deadline looming large (like, this Tuesday)!  Hopefully you'll like my final creations!  I'm also busy with future posts and three little things I like to call "The Chickadees."  Pretty soon I'm going to have to come up for air...........ciao for now.

I Made it Thursday with Everything Etsy

June 25, 2010

I do know it's Friday, just bear with me.......Okay, I'm cheating just a little bit.  For this blog party you're to link up with Everything Etsy and show something you've made this week.  But what I want to show for the party is something I already blogged about yesterday.  I'm not sure of blog protocol on this, hhhmmmm.  Guess I'd better post another picture of it (sorry).

I made it for the Bloggerette Sorority Rush which you can read all about below in yesterdays's post.  I suppose since this is named I Made it Thursday, and I did make it Thursday, I guess it's {technically} OK? 

Either way, head on over to Everything Etsy and check out some of the other neat and creative stuff that's been going on in the blogosphere this week.

Rush is ON!

June 24, 2010

Today is THE day ~ the day that “Rush” begins for the Bloggerette Sorority over at Karen’s Some Days Are Diamonds. Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to print out the Bloggerette’s picture and create something with it. Then blog about it. And include a photo of yourself. Up until that last part I was totally into this. However, the self-portrait thing isn’t exactly me. If it were up to me I would NEVER put a picture of myself on my blog (although I know I should put one in my little Google avatar thingy…one of these days).

Anyway , I was NOT in a sorority in college. I was what they called a “G.D.I.” or G** D***** Independent to be exact. Be that as it may, I must REALLY want to be in this Bloggerette Sorority if I’m willing to post my picture lol! Well, here goes.

Since I make jewelry, it was natural for me to create a necklace.

I printed the picture and placed it in this precious photo frame, hanging it on an antique brass chain and adding a pewter toggle. Then I added three hanging charms ~ one is a silver heart salvaged from an old charm bracelet, one a dangling silver and rhinestone gem and finally, a vintage purple faceted crystal bead, taken from an old pair of earrings. (I thought the purple went perfectly with the photo’s background color.) Oh, and I added the crown above the frame for effect.

And last but not least, here I am wearing the necklace, up close and personal.

I really am glad I finished the challenge because I absolutely LoVe the necklace! Hhhmmmm…maybe some other Sisters might like one as well? Who knows, maybe I’ll put some in my Etsy shop for the rest of the girls! lol! Anyway, I’m going to head on over to Some Days Are Diamonds and start checking out the links for some of the other sisters’ blogs. Can’t wait to see what they created! Thanks, Karen, for hosting this fun blogging experience!

Get On the A-List!

I want to be on the A-List.  Don't you? The girls over at The Blogger's Concierge are gonna pick their faves ~  all you have to do is tell them about yourself, your blog and what makes YOU so special!

Ahem....well, for starters, I'm a cheap date.  No, seriously, in reality I'm a multi-tasking, refereeing, boo-boo kissing, blogging loving craftaholic.  And my blog about shabby chic vintage repurposed jewelry is pretty trendy ~ yet it's timeless and informative, too.  And the fact that I can't even get this post finished because I have to listen to my kids argue over whose going to be P-1 or P-2 on Wii should be enough for them to feel sorry for me and put me on the list!  Enough said.  I'm too proud to beg.  

It's Sundance Time Again!

June 22, 2010

Ok, so I'm a little obsessed with Robert Redford's Sundance Collection of jewelry, clothes and home decor.  But can you blame me?  As much as I'm for "All Things Handmade" and all that, sometimes a girl's gotta be able to drool at some really cool stuff!  Seriously, the jewelry is what draws me to the catalog ~ such inspiration for me to create!  Here's my latest version of Sundance eye candy ~ enjoy!  

Oceana Necklace

Rainbow Falls Necklace
I really want to make this one!

Now I can't resist throwing in some summery stuff to get you in the mood ~ June 21st was the first day of summer, you know! 

Margot Ballet Flats

Hibiscus Sandals

Simone Swimsuit
(Try to click for a closer view of the ruffles!)

Lemonade Crock


Where Bloggers Create II

June 18, 2010

I can’t believe I’m actually posting photos of my craft room. I mean, I only signed up for this gig a week ago ~ I must have been crazy because: 1) that’s not a lot of time to get the room (picture) ready and 2) this event places me in some pretty formidable crafting company! Of course, I’m so excited to see all my crafty friends’ spaces, but I digress. Without further ado, welcome to my little slice of crafting heaven ~~

So this is it!

The petite shabby chic jewelry armoire was made especially for me by my oldest chickcadee ~ you go (crafty) girl (and mod podge)!

See all those scrapbook albums?  I've been scrapbooking since 2000.

Gotta love this storage system from my loving husband.  He gave up the Man Cave but inherited a very happy wife!

Gotta have an inspirational spot to blog.........

How girly-girl is this!

Snagged this at a local flea market ~ love it to pieces as the ultimate in jewelry display (and it's nice just to have around, too!)


Chickadees'  Art


“So, what exactly do you create here?", you might ask. Just a peek.


Jewelry Making

Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour! I know it sounds sappy but I’m really grateful to have found such an accepting blogging community. Next to jewelry-making and scrapbooking it’s become another one of my passions.

Who knows what’s next? Until next year,

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