Vintage Amethyst Brooch Valentine's Charm Bracelet

January 31, 2011

Ok, so I haven't really gotten swept up in the blogland fervor that is, for lack of a better term, "Valentine Fever."  I like crafts and cute home decor just as much as the next girl, but for some reason Valentine's Day just doesn't get my creative juices flowing.  Maybe it's because I feel like I just put away the Christmas decorations?  Anyway, I did find a way to express my inner Valentine ~ through jewelry, of course.

I've had the vintage amethyst brooch since one of my awesome barn sale days this past summer.  After eyeing it for a long time, I finally had a light bulb moment (as Oprah would say).  What better stone to celebrate Valentine's Day than amethyst?

So I gathered some antique brass findings together and threw in quite a few vintage earrings-turned-charms and voila', the romantic period piece was created.

I left the brooch completely in tact, so it can actually be taken off the bracelet and worn separately as the spirit moves me.  Antique brass, silver, pearls, rhinestones ~ just the right combination for me! Oh, and did I mention that amethyst is my birthstone?

We're bracing for the mother of all snowstorms here in the Chicago area ~ I hope you're all faring well in light of the near-continental blizzard!  Enjoy those snow days!




Vintage Sugar

January 28, 2011

Gimmee some of that vintage.....sugar?  Well, not exactly.  Just take a look and you'll see what I mean.

Any guesses?
This is a vintage galvanized maple syrup collection bucket I happily came across at a local antiques barn this past week.   So ~ syrup....sugar, get it now?
I was thrilled to find it.  It was exactly what I was looking for!

Can you guess why I wanted it?

I was intrigued by the label on it.

I guess some people might use it as a flower vase.  Or a storage bin of some kind.  Or maybe just as a decoration in and of itself.  But me?  Well......ssshhhhh, please don't tell anyone.....I'll be using it as a trash basket in our powder room!  The size and style couldn't be more perfect, and I really do like using something vintage in an unexpected, repurposed way. It's a win-win.

Hope you're all staying warm and dry.  Have a great weekend!

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I'm Dreaming of a White Kitchen

January 26, 2011

Despite what I read recently that said white kitchens are sooooooo passe', I remain solidly convinced that our humble home could be revitalized with a kitchen re-do.  More specifically, a dark brown cabinets-to-creamy-all-white-cabinets re-do.  With some added built-ins along the way, of course.  And perhaps all new stainless steel appliances

I'm loving the white brick backsplashes and beautiful stove hoods.

And wooden floors are SO much warmer than tile, don't you think?

Okay, so I'm REALLY not into the blue island, but I AM totally into the chandelier and white beadboard ceiling!  W-O-W.  Puts our ceiling fan to shame.

And I would be remiss if I didn't include my pretty much all time favorite kitchen ~ a feast for the eyes in my book.

Recognize this one?  It's the kitchen they used for the set of the movie Practical Magic.  If you've seen the movie you know that it's a great place to make midnight margaritas (I'm just sayin'...)!  Some of you might remember my Practical Magic Blog Party post about it here.  No question that this airy, romantic, white farmhouse kitchen would make me a happy camper.

For now, I'll keep dreaming and adding pictures to the idea board in my head and who knows?  Maybe one day, after putting all three kids through college, I'll get my chance to bring the dream to fruition.  Stranger things have happened, you I'll just keep dreaming.  

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Sources: Photos 1-3 House Beautiful, photo 4 Southern Living, photo 5 Google images 

The Hennessy Collection

January 23, 2011

Collections are classic.  And they're classy.  At least that's what I think.  I've always wanted to create "collections" of jewelry.  Sounds so refined.  Sooooo, I've started to create collections of my Irish dance charm bracelets.   And what better names to use than those from my ancestry?  My latest treasure is part of the Hennessy Collection ~ in honor of my great uncle.  He lived in a monastery in New York (as a "brother") many years ago.  When I was a kid I was always a little bit afraid to go and visit until I'd see him and he'd make me laugh and put me at ease.  He was, as my mother would say, a real pip.  Plus, the name is associated with a very classy libation.  Otherwise known as Cognac.

The company was founded by an Irishman named Richard Hennessy in 1765.  It eventually became part of the powerhouse conglomerate now known as Louis Vuitton.......wouldn't it be nice if I were related to THOSE Hennessys?  A girl can dream, can't she?

Now, without further ado, I present the Hennessy Collection's first treasure. {I'm still playing around with some graphics programs, so bear with me.}

Now here it is in color.

I went a bit out of my comfort zone on this, since I've never used lampwork beads before. But I found these in one of my bead boxes and they screamed called out to me.

It's replete with all the Irish dance charms and then some.  You know the saying "You don't have to be Irish to be Irish," and I think that goes for my bracelets, too ~ you don't have to be an Irish dancer to wear my Irish dance charm bracelets.  I'll be putting it in my Etsy shop soon.  Until then,  

Erin go bragh ~

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St. Therese and Remembering the Romance

January 18, 2011

I received a lovely note from someone named Eva back in December regarding my vintage St. Therese of Lisieux necklace.  She said she found it on Etsy while researching items for a Treasury she was putting together.  I'm top row, second one in from the right.

Here's a closer look.

You can find this vintage treasure in my Etsy shop here, while my blog post about it is here.  So it seems this kind soul, Eva, chose to create an entire Etsy Treasury filled with St. Therese  ~ and my necklace was featured, along with other artisits' renderings of the Little Flower, as she's also known to some.  Stop by and visit the Treasury and check out some of the beautiful works of art.  I am always amazed by these people who take the time to create a Treasury in order to spotlight their favorite items on Etsy.  You should stop by and visit Eva's Etsy shop as well, Prayers in Purple, here.

I've figured out how to do a screen grab of the Treasury pages, but not how to have it link back to the actual page.  Sorry, that's why I've given you the link above.  If anyone has any tips on this, feel free to comment and let me know, please!

Surprisingly enough, I also just found out that another one of my treasures was placed in an Etsy Treasury entitled "Remembering the Romance."  I'm second row, fourth picture to the right.

My Copper Penny and Turquoise Charm Necklace was featured, along with many other beautiful romantic works of art.  The treasury was created by Terrastreasures1.  Here's a closer look at the charm necklace.

You can find the necklace in my Etsy shop here.

All I can say is thank you both ~ I'm humbled to be included in your fine treasuries!

Late For the Memo Board Party

January 16, 2011

Now that I have the chalkboard paint thing out of my system (well, almost) I thought I'd share my OTHER Club G.W. gilded frame project with you.

For starters, I had this old bulletin board (which is what we called them before they became a hot item on the home decor market).

The original plain old wooden frame has already been removed by Mr. CBD at my request.  The whole thing, actually, was left here by the people who lived in our house before us.  Even though we already had a number of "bulletin boards," I saved it, knowing that someday I'd find a use for it.  COST:  big fat zero.

Once the original frame was removed, the cork portion was measured and cut by Mr. CBD to fit inside yet another one of my Club G.W. gilded, scrolly frames ~ only this time the frame was square instead of oval.  When I saw it I knew it was just the perfect match for my beat up, old bulletin board.  COST: Yup, $2.99.

If you look REALLY closely here you can see the green price tag toward the top left corner of the frame.  It was already "pictureless" so I didn't have to feel guilty removing whatever had been in it previously.

Just like my oval chalkboard frame, I really liked the detail on this one.

So I could have done this.

But I didn't need a "card holder," this one courtesy of Pottery Barn.

So I placed the cork into the frame. 

Okay, so there's a stain flaw in my freebie board.....I think it adds charcter, don't you?

But of course I couldn't stop there ~ as Charm Bracelet Diva I HAD to repurpose it for something jewelry-related.  And Voila. 

I was really happy with the end result and even happier with the cost ~ TOTAL: $2.99!  Take that, Pottery Barn! 

Have a great week.  

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