Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Buy a PB Slipcover {Can You Say Ugly Sofa dot com?}

September 29, 2011

Okay (have you noticed I start a lot of my posts with "Okay"?) I really have a happy tale to tell here.  So strap in and read on and maybe you'll even learn something!

Eleven years ago Mr. CBD and I bought a couch and matching loveseat for what was then our (second) new home.  And let me tell you, people, I LOVED that furniture!  Plaids and florals mixed together (I've always loved this combo), and I was in decorating heaven.  We didn't have a lot of other furniture at that time (like nil, really) but I was very proud of our living room couch and love seat.

But three kids and one more house later that poor couch looks like something the cat dragged in.

Here, take a closer look.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the pattern when we bought it but the seat cushions are misshapen (which is why they're turned wrong-side in in this picture) and the fabric's faded and yes the down pillows have seen better days.  I rest my case.  The love seat still looked pretty much like new since NO ONE EVER SITS ON IT (reasons range from "it's too short" to "I can't see the T.V. from there").  But I knew I had to do something about the couch.

Then one day I started seeing blog giveaways for slipcovers from a website called Ugly Sofa {dot} com.  I looked at their site and came to the conclusion that I had to have me some of their PB (ok I'm not supposed to say that) slipcovers!  I entered a giveaway for one but convinced I'd NEVER win I ordered a white twill boxpleat slipcover for the loveseat (they were out of the white twill for the couch).  I just figured once they got more in I would order one for the couch.

Lo and behold, people, I then WON a slipcover!  Thanks to Today's Creative Blog and Ugly Sofa {dot} com I was on my way to a more civilized family room!  Sorry I don't have a "before" picture of the loveseat but I was so excited when it arrived I immediately slapped it on and reveled in the transformation.  Voila. 

I took a few liberties with the picture in Picnik but I think you get the gist.  A friend told me that she wasn't expecting "the sloppy look" but I told her that I like to call it shabby chic!  Obviously I could have ironed the darn thing but who really has time for that?  I like the way it looks just fine!

And thanks to the giveaway I ordered the couch slipcover.  But I had to wait, and wait and wait for that slipcover to come in.  Apparently the white twill boxpleat in large is quite popular!  But Brent from Ugly Sofa {dot} com hung in there with me and fielded all my e-mails and made good on his promise!  Voila.

I can not tell you enough how tickled pink I am to have these covers transform my family room.

The pillows make a motley crew with my Target grainsack pillow, my flour sack towel monogram pillow, two toile pillows (you KNOW I love toile!) and that big one in the middle is an Ikea goose down pillow I bought a while back, never expecting how well it would one day go with my (practically) brand new couch!

I've wanted to make the move to more of a French farmhouse look for quite some time and I think I can  now say that I'm on my way!  I used to be so afraid of white ~ what with three little kids under the age of five and a dog and all but now I say pshaw on that!  I LOVE WHITE! {Psst, the fact that you can throw it in the wash doesn't hurt, either!}

Hope I've convinced you to check out Ugly Sofa {dot} com and see what you can do for your own ugly sofa.  Fess up.  You know you have one.

Have a great week, friends!


I received nothing in the form of payment from anyone for this blog post.  The opinions are all my own. 

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Club G.W. No. 14 and St. Peter's Barn Sale

September 26, 2011


There are some annual thrifting adventures you wait patiently for all year long.  St. Peter's Barn Sale is one of those adventures for me.  Last year I scored a gagillion pieces of vintage jewelry for a song, as well as religious items I use in creating my vintage jewelry designs.  On that front I have to say that this year was a big bust. {Hear me sobbing in the background.}

HOWEVER, I did manage to score something that I thought was pretty cool.  Can you guess what it is?

I have to admit that I wasn't quite sure, either, but I knew that I loved it and had to have it!  (Sound familiar?)  I opened the lid and found this.

Hhmmm, I thought, pretty interesting.  Do those metal baskets (for lack of a better word) come out?

They most certainly do!  {Insert applause and happy dance here.}

I could only imagine what I might use this vintage tub for, as well as the metal baskets within.  I did a little research and it turns out that it's a canning cooler!  Each metal "jar holder" is made to hold 6 canning jars.  But let's be honest.  It's not like I do any canning around here, ever.  So I was very happy to see that the jar holders could be used for something else.

That something else will be the subject of another post, hopefully soon, cause I can't wait to use them!  And the tub itself will make a great storage container.

I reluctantly paid $15.00 for it.  Just found it online for $55.00.

Time for features from last week's Club G.W. party!

Melissa @ Shabby Love
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Rosemary @ Villabarnes
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Basil Secretary

All fabulous, if you haven't visited them be sure to stop by!

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My Shabby Creek Cottage Windfall

September 23, 2011

A while back I entered  A Vintage Affaire's 300 Follower Giveaway.  And guess what?  I won!  Today I just wanted to share with you the goodies I chose with my $50.00 Etsy store credit to Shabby Creek Designs.  Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage has such a lovely store that I had no trouble finding something I liked!

Without a doubt burlap is still  "in" (at least in my house!) so I couldn't resist ordering this burlap pillow cover.

 {Photo courtesy of Shabby Creek Designs}

I absolutely fell in love with the big, fluffy white flower on the front!  Just gorgeous.

I also chose another romantic decor item.

{Photo courtesy of Shabby Creek Designs}

These are cafe style curtains, hand-painted in French script:

"A house is made of bricks and beams a home is made of love and dreams."

I really thought that was a beautiful saying.  They're now hanging in my kitchen window, over the sink.  I like how they look, but I think for my purposes I might actually add an inch or two of burlap and/or cotton duck fabric to create a border along the bottom.  {Call me crazy, I guess.  How many projects do I really need to be juggling at one time?  Don't answer that.}

My thanks go out to Sherrie from A Vintage Affaire for her generous giveaway. 

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Have a great weekend, all!


Club G.W. No. 13 and TAR-JAY Grainsacks?

September 19, 2011

I have to admit that I've become enamored with all things French, especially French grainsacks.  I look for them on Etsy and Ebay, at flea markets and barn sales.  Gotta be honest here ~ I haven't found a French grainsack for less than $90+ dollars.  A little out of my league, to say the least.  Enter Target.

Recently I've seen this Target dish towel all over blogland, but I have to say that I FOUND IT FIRST PEOPLE, I SWEAR!  Seriously, I bought mine over a month ago (that's early August, people) knowing that I'd stumbled upon pure gold as soon as I saw them.  I bought two at $3.99 each.  My only regret is that I didn't buy more!  They seem to be sold out all over.  (H-E-L-L-O, of course they're sold out!) 

I knew from the get-go I wanted to make pillows.  So I measured the towels and then went searching for some pillow inserts.  Lucky for me, I already had two neglected pillows that were perfect for the job!

I, of course, used Stitch Witchery, as I did in my monogram flour sack towel pillow tutorial here.

Stitch witchery is your friend, I always say!

I also picked up some precut Duck fabric at Wal-Mart (did you know they're selling fabric again?) to use as the back side of the pillow.

It was a nice match color-wise, and I think it worked out really well.  And now, the piece de resistance.

I'm really loving it, and plan on making another one soon.  And who knows?  Ten more followers and there might just be a Target French grainsack pillow in your future! I smell a giveaway!

Hope you liked the pillow, and maybe ~ just maybe~ you'll have some luck finding these towels at a Target store near you.  Bonne Chance!

And now on to last week's features and Club G.W. No. 13.

Thanks to all who joined in last week.  Please know that I really do try to get back and comment on each and every blog.  Unfortunately, I can't comment on your blog if your comments are not set up to be in a separate pop-up window (as opposed to embedded below the post).  I don't believe I'm the only one with this Blogger problem, although I'm not sure can easily change the settings through your Blogger dashboard page if you so desire.

Okay, lots of great stuff last week, but here's a few finds that I'd like to share with you today.

Craigslist and 2 bins of broken china later.....check this out over @ My Trinkets

Betsy @ My Salvaged Treasures really scored big on some nifty thrifty finds!  Love these wooden rulers, don't you?

And go check out some Longaberger love over @ Grammy GoodwillDid she say $2.95?

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Retro Home Decor Linens Giveaway Winner!

September 17, 2011

I'm so excited to be able to share with you the name of the winner of Maynard's Mousetrap on Etsy's Retro Home Decor Linen Giveaway winner!  And the winner is...........

Comment #36: "I follow you on Twitter..."
Congratulations, Tabitha from Kluckingbear!

You've won a $25.00 store credit to Maynard's Mousetrap on Etsy!  I will e-mail you with the details!

Thank you all for playing. 

And who knows?  I just noticed that I'm 10 followers shy of 500 (I can't believe I just typed "FIVE HUNDRED!").  Perhaps that calls for another giveaway?  This time something made by me, just for you!  Sweet details to follow.

Hope you're all having a relaxing and fun fall weekend!


Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Newbie

September 14, 2011

For those of you who missed my guest post a while back over at my friend Carol's The Answer is Chocolate, I thought I'd share with you here that same post of my first experience with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP).  The blog world has been abuzz with reviews of her paint for a while now, so why not get on the bandwagon too?

First off, let me say that I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to painting furniture.  But why should that stop me?  I've been itching to try ASCP for quite a while now but was hesitant to fork over the $$$$$cash.  I finally gave in and ordered it, using some hard-earned jewelry sale money.

I purchased Paris Grey.

From the get-go I had an old chair in mind to experiment with.  It has sentimental value for me ~ it was my Mom and Dad's, and it graced their bedroom for many, many years before I inherited it.  It's at least 60-plus years old.

O.K., so it's definitely seen better days.

The cool thing is that it folds flat.  I thought that was pretty neat.

Sorry for the dark photo but it's all I've got.

I also had a seat cover in mind.

I picked this up at a local flea market after many months of searching.  It wasn't pristine by any means but hey, it's a grainsack for pete's sake.  It's what they call prairie c-h-a-r-m.

First I pulled out all the staples underneath the seat, removing the upholstery, such as it were.  I then used the very old floral fabric as a pattern for my grainsack.  Once this was done I moved on to the painting.

After discovering some cracks on the chair back, I made sure I glued them down with wood glue and clamped them overnight.

Here are the cracks after I glued and sanded.  And this is where I'm sure you're saying, "Cracks, what cracks?"

I need to confess here that I'm a pretty impatient DIYer, so I just jumped right in with the painting.  Luckily with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint you don't have to prime or sand before you paint!  I also only did one coat because some certain guest blog post had to be done by a certain date and I had a full weekend coming up that did not involve painting OR blogging! 

Sadly, I don't think the one coat did a good job covering the original finish, despite claims that this paint will cover almost anything in one coat.  I also don't think it looks very grey, more like white.

Clearly I sanded (yes it sands nicely, and look out cause there's a LOT of dust!) but I didn't use any wax.  SO.....who knows what two coats and some wax would have done for the overall appearance?  I think I really have to get used to looking at it.  I mean, my whole life I've been used to seeing this.

And now I have this.


I'm sure there are a lot more ASCP experiments in my future.......I mean who knows?  I also have my parents' entire bedroom suite including a bedside table, 3 (!) dressers, a headboard and a huge, ornate, killer mirror. 
 {I'm doin' the happy dance!}    

Okay, so there you have it. 

Don't forget to join in Club G.W. with Charm Bracelet Diva's Party going on right now here.  Show us your junk!  (Or fabulous finds, if you will.)  And make sure to enter my Retro Home Decor Linens Giveaway here!  Deadline is this Friday, September 16th.

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Club G.W No. 12 and Retro Home Decor Linens Giveaway Reminder

September 12, 2011

Well, I'm sorry to say that due to such a low turnout last week and the fact that I've been crazed with non-blog-related things these past few days, I'm going to have to skip Features and move right on to the party!  I do hope we get a bigger turnout this week, friends.  I know you want to share your thrifty finds and re-dos!  Tell the world how a certain major score at a flea market, yard sale, Goodwill or WHEREVER  made your heart go pitter-patter!  I'm looking forward to it, ladies, so don't disappoint me this week!  Here's the rules:

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Retro Home Decor Linens Giveaway!

September 8, 2011

Gosh, it feels like I haven't "CREATED" anything lately and I'm itchin' to, but first I want to share this sweet giveaway with you!  When I was asked by Julie of Maynard's Mousetrap on Etsy to review a product from her shop and offer a giveaway to you sweet readers I said, uh, Y-E-A-H!  And after browsing the shop I decided that I like her style!

Julie and her husband started Maynard's Mousetrap (named after an infamous family cat) in 1998.   Her husband John is an artisit who creates retro illustrations for pillowcases and napkins.  Here, take a peek.

Robot Pillowcase

Hula Pillowcase

CHARM BRACELET Pillowcase.  Gotta love that!

Western Napkins

Julie sent me a set of Diner Style Napkins.

 Just love this image.

They're 20 inches by 20 inches, plenty big enough to handle any messy fingers that come their way.

There are two sides, one with a cuppa steamin' joe and saucer, the other with utensils and a napkin.  You can fold and flip them whichever way you want!

And here they are in action at my house.

They're 100 percent cotton, and very sturdy.  They washed nicely, too.  And that's important since napkins tend to take a beating in the stain department!
And their shop has more than just napkins and pillowcases.  It's full of retro kitschy stuff just waiting for you!

So who wants a $25.00 store credit to Maynard's Mousetrap on Etsy?  "Pick me," you say?  Well, here are the ways you can get a chance to win.

1. Visit Maynard's Mousetrap  Etsy shop and leave a comment here stating what you'd like to buy.

2. Become a Charm Bracelet Diva follower and leave a comment telling me that you've become a  Follower.  (Or tell me that you're already a follower.)

3. LIKE me on Facebook .

4. Follow me on Twitter. (Yes, I just created a Charm Bracelet Diva Twitter account.  I know, I know.  Facebook, Twitter, what's the world coming to?)

5. Last but not least, tweet or blog about this giveaway and you get two entries! (Be sure to come back and comment.)

The giveaway is open until Friday, September 16th at 12:00 midnight CST after which random number generator will pick a winner.  I will notify the winner who will have one week to choose their retro kitschy prize!

And don't forget to join in on Tuesday's Club G.W. with Charm Bracelet Diva Party going on here.  It will remain open until Sunday afternoon.  Show us your junk!


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