Thrill of the Hunt

August 29, 2017

Since I didn't get to share my entire barn sale haul with you in Thrill of the Hunt #56, today I thought I'd share the rest of my vintage finds from that sale, plus a few other recent thrift store finds as well.

vintage deer planter

This mid-century glazed ceramic deer planter called out to me so I just had to bring her home. It reminded me of some McCoy pottery I've seen over the years, although it's not McCoy.

vintage deer planter retro pottery

 No maker's mark, but a kitschy find for sure.

vintage deer planter retro pottery

Vintage deer seem to be pretty popular these days.

vintage jumping deer planter retro pottery

vintage jumping deer planter retro pottery

The eyes reminded me a bit of the pink deer planter I picked up there as well.

vintage jumping deer planter retro pottery

But overall I do like it, as I've been enamored of deer tchotchkes for quite some time. I can see it used as a planter for air plants or real plants, or even as a pencil holder or kitchen utensil holder. The Leaping Deer With Calla Lily Ceramic Pottery Planter is AVAILABLE.

Sonette salt pepper shakers dispenser

This was, by far, the coolest find from the barn sale: 1940's - 1950's Sonette Salt & Pepper "dispensers." 

Sonette salt pepper shaker dispenser original box

I think these are mid century modern/art deco at its best.
Sonette salt pepper shaker dispenser original box

What's really cool about them (besides their awesome color) is that the design on them makes them look like skyscrapers.

Sonette salt pepper shaker dispenser original box

The original instructions are priceless.

Sonette salt pepper shaker dispenser retro art deco

Sonette salt pepper shaker dispenser filling instructions

Sonette salt pepper shaker dispenser retro kitsch art deco

Sonette salt pepper shaker dispenser skyscraper art deco

I was intrigued to learn that they were manufactured in a local town not too far from here, about 30 miles away. These will make an awesome addition to my salt and pepper shaker collection!

C.T Germany floral sugar bowl

Now on to some Salvation Army finds. This is a lovely sugar bowl with lid. 

C.T. Germany floral sugar bowl

I was drawn to it due to its intricate and delicate detail, as well as the gold embellishment. 

C.T.Germany floral sugar bowl

C.T.Germany floral sugar bowl

C.T. Germany lidded floral sugar bowl makers mark 1887

The maker's mark says C.T. Germany. This stands for Carl Tielsch. Based on my research I believe it was manufactured between 1887 and 1895. It amazes me that it is still in such pristine condition. Could it really be 130 years old?

Hall oyster plate Made in U.S.A. 1153

Finally, I have a Hall 10-inch oyster plate. The Hall China Company is based out of Liverpool, Ohio and has been in business since 1903. They claim to be the world's largest manufacturer of specialty dinnerware. Ironically, I do NOT like oysters. That gives me an idea.....perhaps this plate could be used as a condiment plate, crudite' serving plate or even a jewelry storage tray! It's very heavy.

Hall oyster plate Made in U.S.A. 1151

I think I'd have to say that an oyster plate is, indeed, specialty dinnerware. I'm guessing these plates were made as restaurantware, although I don't know when this one would have been made. I've seen the same one listed on etsy and ebay as "vintage" but I'm not quite sure just how they figured that out.

Hall oyster plate Made in U.S.A. 1151

Hall oyster plate Made in U.S.A. 1151

I paid all of $1.97 for it. I saw one like it appraised on a china website for $50.  I do know that other companies make them as well, and some are quite valuable! If any of you are familiar with the Hall China Company's vintage ware, let me know!

Well, that's it until next time, friends!

I hope you enjoyed reading 
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Queen Of Rods said...

I'm wondering if the salt and pepper dispensers are glass or plastic? The packaging and instructions are awesome!

Cecilia said...

My favorite is the sugar bowl! So pretty! But the salt and pepper shakers are pretty cool! Always enjoy seeing what you find! Thanks for sharing!

My thrift store addiction said...

I love the salt & peppers and the sugar bowl. The vase does look like McCoy or even Royal Copley.

Sharon @ Blue Willow House said...

I love that deer planter so sweet. In fact I love everything you found.

mjmaterazo said...

i love those s&p shakers! with all the original packaging!! awesome. i'm curious if they're plastic or milk glass as well. xo- maryjo

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