April 21, 2024

Louise and Alexander Brongniart Child Busts: Thrifted vs. Styled #144

Have you ever come home from a thrift store excursion with a sense of regret? I have! And even though it happened recently, I still managed to come away with an awesome thrifty find!   

Louise Brongniart French girl bust in front of mirror

This vintage Louise Brongniart bust has an interesting history. Read on to find out more.


When I first spied this young girl bust figurine in Goodwill I was drawn in by her innocence. She sat on the shelf next to a boy figurine, obviously a set. While I didn't particularly care for the boy (there was something about the expression on his face that I didn't like) I knew I had to have the girl. And so for $3.99 I brought her home. 

I put her into a glass cloche for the "before" picture. As you can see, she still had the price tag on her.

Jean Antoine Houdon Louise Brongniart imitation bust

I knew right away she would look right at home on the romantic bedroom mantel. And I was right.

young girl bust white candelabra vintage books

And once I placed her there I had buyer's remorse -- for the boy bust I didn't buy. After some digging I learned that they were imitation busts. The original busts were sculpted by Jean Antoine Houdon and are on display in the Louvre! The children's names are Louise and Alexander Brongniart.
mantel of gold mirrors botanical prints girl bust

Did I go back for the boy bust a few days later? Yes. Was he still there? Sadly, no. It was not the first time I'd wanted to kick myself in the butt for not buying something the first time around. And I'm sure it won't be the last. But I'm committed to enjoying what I do have --  a lovely girl bust that will, I'm sure, be a mainstay in my home decor for years to come.

Perhaps you should file my experience away as a cautionary tale, no? 

ornate gold mirror thrift store French girl bust

And will I now be keeping an eye out for the boy? You bet.
Louise Brongniart white bust on mantel with vintage book bundle

In the meantime I will be thoroughly enjoying the Louise Brongniart bust as part of our romantic bedroom mantel. 

romantic white mantel primary bedroom botanicals gold mirrors gilded candle sconce

Have you ever walked away from a purchase and later regretted it? Do tell!

Well, that's it for today, friends! 
I hope you enjoyed reading about my thrifted
Louise and Alexander Brongniart
Reproduction Child Busts
 and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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Louise Brongniart French girl bust in front of mirror

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