Irish Dance

Love You More Designs
Original Handmade Jewelry
Kathleen Ashton


Love You More Designs is a true labor of love. Growing up the youngest of five children in an Irish Catholic family, I learned early on to revere the icons of the church and all they represent. Mary and the saints were daily reminders of the faith.

I still appreciate the church's rich historical and cultural significance in the world today, and seek to incorporate vintage relics into my unique one-of-a-kind modern-day designs. I scour flea markets, auctions, barn sales and thrift stores to collect what I consider to be precious vintage relics, worthy of repurposing into beautiful, wearable art. These relics, in combination with other more modern-day components, seamlessly combine to bring you beautiful, timeless and incredibly unique jewelry that you will find nowhere else. 

Irish Dance Charm Bracelets
can be found in my Etsy shop
when the situation permits
Contact me at loveyoumoredesigns @ rocketmail (dot) com
and I'll be happy to discuss your preferences.  
Please be advised that a minimum of two weeks is necessary
for any custom order.
NOTE: All bracelets on this page have been sold and are displayed for 
 informational purposes only.

Irish Dance Charm Bracelet with Vintage and Repurposed Charms

Irish Dance Charm Bracelet with Irish Dancer and Ghillie Charms Our Lady of Knock

Lampwork Bead  Irish Dance Charm Bracelet

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