Found a great book

August 18, 2009

So much research is going into this stuff, I thought I'd share some of my "finds" with you -- from a jewelry making perspective, that is. Right now I'm reading a great book called "Beading with Charms" by Katherine Duncan Aimone. This book has been distributed worldwide and I can see why -- it is very user-friendly and the photos are great. It sets out the tools and techniques you need to make charm bracelets and more. (I'm partial to charm bracelets of all kinds.) There are 35 great projects, which is more than enough for everyone to find their favorite. My absolute favorite is "Outrageous," page 44. But I also love "Waves ", page 84, "Forever Yours," page 100 and "City Nights," page 108. Okay, I really do love charm bracelets!

I found it (in hardcover!) from for the low price of $13.57 plus shipping. A great deal! I was so proud of myself:) Good luck with these projects and I'll hopefully have some of these projects on my website one of these days (after I get the website up and running, of course.... more on that later).

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