Farmhouse Christmas Crafts Using Bottle Brush Trees, Vintage Spools and Mini Baking Tins

November 18, 2019

vintage spools ribbon bottle brush trees wood slice charger

Vintage spools and baking tins can easily become darling farmhouse Christmas crafts. I've collected spools and tins over the years for just that purpose. With only a few materials and very little time you can create your own farmhouse Christmas crafts using vintage spools and baking tins.
green spool bottle brush tree

Let's start off with a few practice runs I completed while trying to come up with placement ideas. I picked up this vintage green spool, along with some others, in Galena, Illinois last year. The vintage bottle brush tree on top was part of a miniature Christmas village I picked up at a local church bazaar.  

Coats Clark Quilting spool bottle brush tree

I also bought this vintage Coats & Clark Quilting spool in Galena.

red plaid Thermos green spool vintage bottle brush tree

Here you can see one of my vintage plaid thermoses. I love using them for Christmas decor and this  year is no exception. 

Hobby Lobby My Little Christmas mini spool bottle brush tree

Ironically, I found these mini bottle brush trees sitting atop mini spools(!) at Hobby Lobby. It was 50% off all Christmas items so I got the 6 mini spool "ornaments" for $2.50. 

vintage mini silver baking tart tins

I've had quite a few vintage baking tins in my stash over the past few years. Some I've used as jewelry storage, while others I put away for crafts such as this one. 

vintage tart tin miniature reindeer white bottle brush tree

I played around with different combinations of containers and miniatures until I was satisfied with how the combinations looked together. I already had the smaller baking tins as shown above, but I lucked out and also scored some larger tins at a Salvation Army store this week. So what DIY vintage-inspired Christmas miniatures did I come up with?

vintage tart tin bottle brush trees Christmas twine Santa face mug

For the larger tins I decided to flip them upside down and then place the trees on "top." I added a red and white twine bow on this tree for a pop of color. I also painted Mod Podge Sparkle all over the outside of the tins and then splashed it with ultra-fine iridescent glitter to look like snow.

The large tin is sharing the stage with a smaller tin that I filled with a vintage flocked bottle brush tree and glitter snow. 

Here's another one of the tiny tins, filled with one of the mini decorated Hobby Lobby spool trees and glitter snow.

My piece de resistance is this little forest of bottle brush trees on vintage spool stands. I've seen similar spools super-decorated but I wanted to go simple and focus on the rusticity of the spools and the wood slice I placed them on.

Here they are under a cloche. I just love that red striped ticking ribbon. It's a real Christmas favorite of mine.

mini reindeer mini tart tin glitter snow red plaid Thermos vintage bottle brush tree

I filled one of the smaller tins with a mini reindeer and mini bottle brush tree on a spool, along with glitter snow sprinkled on the inside of the tin. There's even a little glitter on the reindeer.  

mini spool bottle brush tree

Here's a simple mini spool tree with snow in a tiny tin.

vintage flocked bottle brush tree tart tin glitter snow

vintage glass drawer pull bottle brush tree stand Christmas twine

Another fun Christmas craft you can make with bottle brush trees is attaching them to vintage drawer knobs or door knobs, depending on the size of your trees. I attached my mini tree to a crystal drawer knob and wrapped it with some red and green twine for a pop of color.

vintage glass crystal drawer pulls tree stand

red radio flyer wagon bottle brush trees decor

I even had some fun and filled a mini Radio Flyer wagon with a few bottle brush trees and really loved the result.

So as you can see, there's a ton of combinations you can put together for Christmas vignettes, depending on the supplies you have on hand. If you keep an eye out throughout the year like I do (at estate sales and thrift stores) you'll have no trouble collecting more than enough minis to be able to create some adorable farmhouse Christmas crafts at the end of the year. Happy hunting!

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vintage spools ribbon bottle brush trees wood slice charger

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Diana said...

Such fun ideas, Kathleen! I especially like the idea of placing trees in cabinet door knobs. I've got a few stashed away that I bet will look great with trees :) Thanks for the idea!

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