Charm Bracelet-Making Diva's Go-To Jewelry-Making Website of the Day

October 30, 2009

This week's Go-to Jewelry-Making website is Fire Mountain Gems and Beads or   I already blogged about their Video Tutorials. Now I want to comment on the site in general and what it has to offer:
  • Jewelry Maker's Library
  • Jewelry-Making Techniques
  • EncycloBEADia
The resources provided here are tremendous -- both from a product standpoint and an informational standpoint.  The Jewelry-Maker's Library is comprised of free beading instructions and techniques.  Its EncycloBEADia has charts, articles, a dictionary of beading terms, gemstone information and jewelry-making Q&A.  

They carry, like, a gazillion beads.  And their other products run the gamut from clay to findings to adhesives to stringing material.  The list is endless.  Free huge catalog, $5.00 FedEx Stuff the Box shipping and competitive pricing.  Need I say more? Go there. Now.        

"Life is what we make it.  Always has been. Always will."
- Grandma Moses

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