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October 6, 2009

First let me comment on my Christmas charm bracelet I mentioned in yesterday's post.  You'll totally have to forgive the rudimentary (and that's being kind) style of the photos I've been posting.  Techniques for taking good web photos are a whole other can of worms I'll have to open up and suffer through some day soon.  But for now, it is what is it.  Ta da.

It's a vintage inspired silver plated bracelet and charms, along with some epoxy charms which really give it a vintage feel -- Santa and his pack, two little Victorian girls, holly and Santa's sleigh.  Besides the epoxy charms I really love the simple charm with "25" on it in red.  It's a simple design reminiscent of much simpler times.    

OK, now on to some great jewelry sites not only for their design ideas but for the pure fun of it! Janna Conner is a popular designer that I really like.  Her site,, currently has four trendy bracelets that I love:  the Gold Plate Biba Bracelet, the Gold Plate Ribbon Bracelet, the Gold Dax bracelet and the Adina bracelet.  The Adina bracelet happens to be the only true charm bracelet in her collection. It's clear from her designs as well as many other artists' designs that multi-strand bracelets are very in right now.  The bracelets I've mentioned have either 3 or 5 strands.  It's a look I really love.  The bracelet prices ranged from $75.00 to $192.00.   A little steep for me, but maybe worth the splurge.  And you know I'll be trying to emulate her style very soon.

In contrast to Janna Conner's prices I stumbled upon a site,, which had amazingly reasonable prices for trendy costume jewely.  I loved the multi-layer chained link bracelet for $9.99, the Bold Statement Hang Gem necklace for $19.99 and the Lucky Shoot charm bracelet for $17.99.  Lucky Shoot is 9 inches long with 7 charms and a toggle clasp.  You need to check out these sites and let me know what you think of the designs.

Me, I'm on to more web research and hopefully some hands-on jewelry making before the night is through.  Ciao for now.


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