October Magazines' Jewelry Picks

October 18, 2009

Lucky Magazine has done it again.  Their October issue showcases some really fine jewelry.  I've picked out two sites that you can go to and browse to your heart's content.  The first is www.starsandinfinitedarkness.com. I went straight to their bracelets (surprise) and found lots to love.  I have to say that cuff bracelets are very much the trend today.  If you like cuffs, there's one for every taste at this online boutique.       

My faves were the "Squeezed Chain" line of bracelets by wear-and-tear, the "grateful" bracelet by pequitobum (very vintage-inspired, loved it!) and the "mixed media: the bracelet, in passion" by Steel Couture for $60.00.  When I tried to download all of their earrings my computer almost exploded -- they have SO MANY earrings.  Check it out.

Another line of jewelry touted by Lucky as trend-worthy is from the Mark beauty line from Avon at www.meetmark.com.  Their "Peak of Chic" necklace, for only $15.00, is exactly what I love  -- lariat, tassle, whatever you want to call it, it's made up of 3 chunky black chains and a strand of faceted smoky quartz beads.  There's also a few BIG cocktail rings (another trend these days) for only $14.00.  Last but not least there was a true "charm" bracelet, called "Drops of Rocks", which is chock-full-o'black and tortoiseshell beads.  You can snag it for 12 bucks.   

I've tried to no avail to add a photo tonight but my computer's not cooperating.  Guess I'll take that as a sign for me to be done here and relax a bit before it's time to get up and do it again tomorrow.  Ciao for now.

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