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November 18, 2009

So much for making charm bracelets......I don't know why but I've really got the urge to create necklaces these days.  This one came out of nowhere, and I love it.  Once again, my love of vintage-inspired jewelry reveals itself. As well as my unabashed love of pearls.   

It's 24" long, toggled.  I alternated glass pearls, citrine glass beads and silver-wire-mesh-coated citrine glass beads.  I added a Jill MacKay silver sphere pendant with sparkling gems as the focal point of the piece.  I really wish that I could take a better picture so that you can truly appreciate the necklace.  One of these days in my spare time (ha) I'll learn how to take a great blog photo with my fancy Sony digital camera.  I promise. 

I'm not sure what will happen next, but when the muse strikes again I'll be sure to post whatever I create.  And hopefully by then I'll be a picture-taking diva as well.  Ciao for now.

"A pearl is a beautiful thing that is produced by an injured life.  It is the tear [that results] from the injury of the oyster.  The treasure of our being in this world is also produced by an injured life.  If we had not been wounded, if we had not been injured, then we will not produce the pearl."
-Stephan Hoeller 

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Our Hopeful Home said...

Hey Jess,

Glad you like it! If there's ever something you'd like to see me create, just give a holler and I'll give it a try.

Love, K

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