Untarnished Silver

December 16, 2009

I just want to expound (yes, expound) upon my frustration with the whole tarnish thing.  Sterling silver tarnishes, no big, you just clean it.  Silver plate, however, now that's another ball of wax altogether....you're pretty much up a creek when your silver-plated jump rings start to look bad and ruin your whole bracelet/necklace/earrings/whatever.

I recently made a Christmas charm bracelet and used silver-plated charms and jump rings.  I thought it looked pretty good.  Today I go to put the bracelet on and some of the jump rings looked almost copper.  Clearly not in line with the overall look of the bracelet.  I only wore  it like three times and now it pretty much looks like crap.  Is there a better silver-plated jump ring out there or am I relegated to using the sub-par version?  

Miles to go before I sleep.  Only eight  days and counting......Ciao.

"Truth can be stretched but cannot be broken and always gets above falsehood, as oil does above water."
- Miguel de Cervantes 

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