Irish Dancer Charm Bracelet ~ St. Stephen's Green

February 1, 2010

St. Stephen's Green

I finished this one tonight.  My third Irish Dance charm bracelet.  I'm I guess what you'd call a Feis Mom.  My daughters do Irish dancing and I facilitate in their participating in feisanna (sp?), hence the moniker Feis Mom.  Being Irish, it's nice to see my girls taking an interest in something relating to their heritage. And of course, gotta love the music.

You can find this on my Etsy site.  Just look in the right hand column of this blog and click on my "Etsy Mini" which is, essentially, thumbnails of  my stuff  for sale.  

Tomorrow is my baby's 6th birthday.  Can not believe it.  Yes, this is one of the times that I'd gladly pay for the clock to stop -- don't grow up! 

Time for a Tivo'd Brothers and Sisters.  Erin go bragh!  Ciao.

"In everything give thanks."
~ Thessalonians 5:18 King James Version 

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