New Take on the Tassel Necklace ~ Rhinestones and Lockets!

April 13, 2010

I truly don't know what it is about tassel necklaces that calls to me but I do love them. What, obsessed? Your word, not mine. Anyway, here's a glimpse of my latest:

tassel (tas'l) n. [ ME. < OFr., a knob, a knot,button} 1. orig., a clasp or fibula 2. an ornamental tuft of threads, cords, etc. of equal length, hanging loosely from a knob or from the knot by which they are tied together. -seled or -selled, sel*ing or sel*ling to ornament with tassels ~ Webster's New World Dictionary Second College Edition (1980). Okay, so it's a really old dictionary...........

My version is not the epitome of the definition, but rather it's a different take on a classic.   

There's a large rhinestone and pearl-studded orb, three small rhinestone-studded orbs and one orb locket with an antique brass finish.  I love the eclectic mix of colorful gems and the dulled brass finish.  Kind of like your favorite worn-out jeans.

Things have been hectic here, with LiFe really getting in the way of blogging as well as jewelry making.  Next up tomorrow is another one of my signature charm bracelets that I can't (and probably won't) stop making.  Color-wise, I've been drawn to gray, pink and brown.  Any suggestions for another color combination that would work with my really chunky pearl, bead and charm bracelets?  Do tell.

Time for time with my man.  Oh, and making peanut butter sandwiches for tomorrow's lunches (he-he) among other things.  TTFN  

 "Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.  Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved."
~ Helen Keller

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