Great Flea Market Jewelry Finds

May 5, 2010

I couldn't have been happier this past weekend  when I returned home with all my goods from a leisurely Saturday of Barn Sales and Flea Markets sans children!  (Thanks to my husband for agreeing to let me do this as my Mother's Day present, a week early.)

I came home with all THIS for a total of $13.00!

And looking at this photo I just realized that there are a few things I'm keeping for myself that aren't even pictured here (they're already with my personal stash)!  This stuff is SO cool...........I ended up snagging antique keys, lots of faux diamonds (we love sparkle!), religious icons (faves of mine), lapel pins and even a bejeweled "sweater guard" in the form of faux diamond crowns!  And I absolutely LOVE these ~

I'm a real sucker for cameos, of all kinds.  Oh, and silhouettes, too.  Speaking of, I also picked up a framed vintage black and white silhouette of three kids, two girls and one boy ~ just like mine!  And it was only $1.00!

I also forgot to mention the vintage chandelier crystals I snagged.  They were EVERYWHERE.  I've already made some earrings out of them.  I absolutely can't wait to start adorning charm bracelets with all this fantastic stuff.  The possibilities are endless.

Where do you pick up baubles and bits?  Do you have any great "flea market finds" stories? (Say, a strand of real pearls for a buck, a semi-precious stone-bejeweled brooch for next to nothing, you get the idea.)  Share your shopper savvy here.

Me, I'm off to make lunches and watch some tivo'd shows with the man.  Hope I can stay awake:)  TTFN

"There is always something for which to be thankful."
~Charles Dickens  

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I enjoy looking for finds at flea markets, the goodwill and antique shops. Want to hear something really cute: my husband encourages me to create...he went out to the antique shop nearby me (lots to choose from) and came home with a surprise for me. He couldn't find what I was after at the flea market, so he search high and low to buy some antique keys I asked him to buy if he spotted them at the flea market. He couldn't find any, so he shopped for them at the antique store and found just what I was looking for. He went so out of his way to please me. He does that all of the time. I wish I did that more for him as much as he does for me. I love him dearly for that! I get encouraged by my family to create, so I went into business because of them! I'm blessed!

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