ICE Resin and a Big Mess

May 22, 2010

I was SO excited to get my ICE Resin mixture in the mail today ~ I'm totally ready to embark on all things resin!  Problem is, this is what I got when I opened the box:

One big, blue, gooey mess!  I was so bummed.  I was all ready to start filling my pendants, but no go.  It'll have to wait.  I e-mailed the company (I ordered it from a scrapbook supply online store) and explained the situation.  Hopefully I'll get a replacement in the mail so I can get started with the fun stuff!  I've got pendants and really cool collage sheets all ready and waiting for that globby, gooey, smelly stuff.

Do any of you use ICE Resin for your jewelry?  I know you have to mix the two gloppy liquids and that it "domes" when it dries.  Does it bubble much?  I've had bad luck with the Diamond Glaze one-step method.  Any insights would be appreciated!

If you're curious about ICE Resin and want to learn more, go to Youtube for a tutorial.  Just click on the "pause" button on my Playlist (in the lower left hand column) to shut it up so that you can hear the video! 

Good Luck!  Any great resin creations can be shared here!

"The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it."
~William James

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