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June 27, 2010

I just wanted to share with you the flip flops I got from Nancy, my flip flop exchange partner in Texas.  They're sandals, actually.  They're decorated with some vintage-ey looking bling ~ she said she thought that was appropriate for me! :)  You can go to her blog and see what I sent her (ONCE SHE HAS POSTED ABOUT IT ~ as of today I don't think she has).

She also sent me some brochures on the beautiful state of Texas, along with a sweet note.  The sandals will come in handy this summer at the beach!  Thanks, Nancy!

Thanks also goes to the host of the exchange ~ Becca over at The Texas Darlings. Thanks, Becca!

I'll be really busy this week with my first bead swap deadline looming large (like, this Tuesday)!  Hopefully you'll like my final creations!  I'm also busy with future posts and three little things I like to call "The Chickadees."  Pretty soon I'm going to have to come up for air...........ciao for now.

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Rose said...

how nice to do an exchange. my stepdau. lives in texas, so i'm partial to texas. have a good evening.

gone said...

What a great exchange and great idea! Cant wait to see all your new work and posts. Wanted to stop by and say hello. Hope your week is blessed.
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Stay Fabulous

Anonymous said...


I didn't even think about them being more like sandals than flip flops! Hmmm...that's true. I just couldn't find pretty flip flops in that half size and didn't know whether to go up or down. LOL! Your package to me was so sweet and thoughtful. I have taken pics, but haven't blogged yet in over a week. Yikes! Love your blog!!

Unknown said...

What a great package to receive from Nancy! Thanks for joining the exchange!


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