Get On the A-List!

June 24, 2010

I want to be on the A-List.  Don't you? The girls over at The Blogger's Concierge are gonna pick their faves ~  all you have to do is tell them about yourself, your blog and what makes YOU so special!

Ahem....well, for starters, I'm a cheap date.  No, seriously, in reality I'm a multi-tasking, refereeing, boo-boo kissing, blogging loving craftaholic.  And my blog about shabby chic vintage repurposed jewelry is pretty trendy ~ yet it's timeless and informative, too.  And the fact that I can't even get this post finished because I have to listen to my kids argue over whose going to be P-1 or P-2 on Wii should be enough for them to feel sorry for me and put me on the list!  Enough said.  I'm too proud to beg.  

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Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

lol you should absolutely be on the list!

Gigi said...

Hi! Hilarious post. Thanks for participating in the affair! Gigi here from TBC. I love Earl Grey and hydrangeas too! We appreciate your support and look forward to connecting up with you - we have lots of fun stuff planned!

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