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July 21, 2010

I just sold my Peak of Chic charm bracelet this week ~ and I miss it already.  I know, I know, that sounds so queer.  It's just that I only make jewelry I would love to wear, and I feel kinda sad when I pass it off to someone else.  The flip side of this madness, however, is that I also feel fulfilled and happy to know that someone else likes my jewelry enough to actually buy it!  

I haven't been promoting my Etsy shop much at all lately, what with the kids being home for the summer, going away on vacation, the kids being home for the summer (lol that deserves a second mention) and just life in general that keeps getting in the way.  I see the fall as a great time to revamp my shop with new items and to promote it more.  I guess I could do it on this blog ~ promote my store, that is.  But for some reason I've always thought that blogs that only exist to promote their own stuff are kind of cheesy.  (I truly hope that statement doesn't come back to bite me in the behind anytime soon lol.)

That said, I'm going to be cheesy for a brief moment and show you two items I listed in my shop this week. 

Item Number 1

Vintage Silver Pearl and Bauble Necklace 

Item Number 2

Antique Brass Locket and Crystal Necklace

I've held on to these babies for a while because, well, like I said, I actually like them.  But, as my dear husband so readily points out (love ya!) I've got to support the habit, so to speak, no?  Helloooo Etsy.

Anyway, I guess I'm done with the woe-is-me stuff.  I need to get over it and put my big girl panties on.  Time to make more jewelry and get that store stocked up!

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Rose said...

it's ok to share your items. love the 2nd necklace the best. have a good day.

Jennifer Dawn said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your jewelry!

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