I won a blog makeover….Yay! Wait, no….

August 17, 2010

You may have noticed that my blog header changed today, from my Bee-you-teeful vintage birds header (which I absolutely LoVed!) to a more personal one, one with photos of my jewelry. And I’m proud to say that I did it myself! A bit frustrating and scary perhaps, yes, but I Did It! I used Picasa, which I had read was really, really easy to use, blah, blah, blah. But I’m a bit computer-grahically challenged so it took me HOURS of sweat and stress to get it right. I know, I know, Picasa for Dummies would have been nice but I have no patience once I get it in my head to do something.

I also inserted a post divider that I’ve been wanting for some time. And I love it. (It’s a really good idea to have a “test” blog to do these things on ~ so I created a test blog and tinkered away! That way, hopefully, you figure out how to do something right before you go in and do for real.)

As happy as I am about my blossoming bloggy feats, it’s a somewhat bittersweet experience for me. You see, I “won” a total blog makeover about a month ago, but it never happened. I initially thought it might work out even though the designer had a very different style from mine, but let’s just say that we did not see eye to eye on things and we parted ways. {TRUST ME, THERE’S A LOT MORE BACKSTORY TO THIS THAT I WILL NOT GO INTO FOR FEAR OF COMING ACROSS AS, HOW SHALL WE SAY, UNKIND?}

Anyway, I’m thrilled to have been kicked in the butt and motivated to move forward with some more blog re-design. I REALLY need a menu bar as well as matching sidebar buttons. I’d also like to change my fonts and sizes of my text. I also need to figure out how to get rid of that pesky black box around my signature….I know I’ll harangue over all of it. But that’s OK. Because in the end I’ll know that it’s what I want.

So please bear with me while I’m under construction (this could take a while…) and keep coming back for more. You’ve all been great and I can’t thank you enough for your kind words and continued support……..and I promise my next post will be about vintage jewelry!

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Terri Gordon said...

Hi Kathleen, your header is beautiful, you did a great job. I love these kinds of headers too. I would love to do one like this too. Have a wonderful week. Your blog looks wonderful. Hugs, Terri

Anonymous said...

The header looks great! and it's much more satisfying when you can say you have done it yourself :)

Mosaic Magpie said...

You go girl! The header is great. Please be careful when deleting any pictures. I lost some from my blog. The test blog is a great idea. Who knows after you do this you can be a blog designer!

Rose said...

let's say that you did a good job with your header. I think it's exciting as we feel comfortable with playing to change our blog. take care rose

Anonymous said...


Plumrose Lane said...

Oh, personally I adore your header Kathleen, it's fabulous and shows off all that gorgeous jewelry you create!! I think you've done a super job so far and I know EXACTLY how difficult it is to concur all these tasks so you keep at it!

There's a spiffy little tutorial on my blog for erasing those lines around your signature so here's the link to that:

I'm really sorry to hear about the parting you had with your prospective prize, that's never easy and shouldn't have happened - customers are always right, right!?! ;D

And I can sure relate to being under construction, seems I'm always trying to improve s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g on my blog. You really are doing a wonderful job so just keep on ~ keepin' on.

lisa d. said...

Cute new header! I found you on find a friend friday.

Create With Joy said...

Hi Kathleen

What a lovely blog you have! I'm following you from Boost Your Blog Friday but I see from your sidebar we both have similar interests - I'm delighted to meet another Bloggerette Sorority Sister!

I hope you'll stop by and join my family of Kindred Spirits at Create With Joy when you have a moment!


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