Spooky Monday

August 30, 2010

I'm so excited to share with you some more Halloween/Fall/Spooky stuff as part of Wendy's Adventures in Wonderland's Spooky Monday.  This will be a mash-up of some things that remind me of this time of year.

Sample Boo Packages

Have you ever been "Boo"-ed?  This is something we love to do each year.  You pack up some Halloween goodies and anonymously drop them off at three neighbors' doors with a note that says "You've been Boo-ed!"  Then it's THEIR turn to do the same for  another three unsuspecting families. I first learned of this in 2007 from Cindy at Skip to my Lou.  You can download her Boo Sign (shown above) by going here.  You can fill the packages with candy and small toys, etc. and GUESS WHAT?  Target even started selling PRE-MADE BOO BAGS.  How simple is that?

 Captain Hook, perhaps?

Here is just one of the many animated Halloween spoookies we place in our yard each year (or should I say "my husband" places in our yard each year?! lol)

We always get lots of pumpkins ~ carving them is quite a production!  How great are the leaves?  I can almost feel the crispness in the air!

Here's one small view of our street in all its glory.  I LoVe this time of year!

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Thanks, Wendy!

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Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

I love Fall as much as you seem to. I love the boo gifts and just may do that this year! Great ideas.
I am now your follower from 40 Bloggers.
Peace...Naila Moon


Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Fun! We did tons of this when my son was younger, haven't for a while but oddly, now that he's a Senior in HS, he and all of his friends are kind of missing these childhood memories so we may again this year.

Designs by Blanche said...


I have never heard of 'Boo-ing' your neighbors, but that sounds like sppoky-good fun!!
Love your fall photos!


JoAnne said...

Hi Kathleen,
Enjoyed your Spooky Monday post! Can't wait to see the changing leaves and feel crisp, cool air. Thanks for taking me there. Stop by and enter my Spooky Monday Halloween giveaway!

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