Spooky Monday on Tuesday with a Twist

October 12, 2010

Life has been SO getting in the way these past days that I even missed Spooky Mondays last week and, obviously, I'm late for it this week!  Sorry, Wendy, of Wendy's Adventures in Wonderland, our Spooky Modays Host.  Now, on with the show....

Cute in an eerie sort of way, don't you think?

Perhaps it's the oddly disproportionately sized heads that push the eerie envelope?  Gotta love the candy corn though!  My weakness favorite!  

Frick and Frack

I also love vintage Halloween images, and picked up these wood signs for a song a few years ago.

Okay, so I've shared even more Halloween decor (who would have thought it possible?).  The twist, however, is that I couldn't post this without adding a little fall goodness by way of my son's first grade field trip to the apple picking farm.

Such etiquette!  I mean, who knew?

I'll restrain myself from showing you pictures of the hayride, but forgive me because I can't resist sharing with you this picture of the apple of my eye (no pun intended).

His pick?  Why, Jonathan apples are the best!

Happy Spooky Monday on Tuesday to you all ~
and I hope you're all enjoying the spirit of the fall season in one way or another
no matter where you live, whether it be 

picking apples or visiting the pumpkin patch 

displaying mums or stuffing scarecrows

hanging skeletons or eating candy corn (!)

raking leaves or giving thanks

it's all pretty wondrous, don't you think?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week! 

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Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

ToTalLy cute post !
fun field trip for sure!
the apple of your eye looks a little unsure about his choice :)
about like me making apple crisp today ~ what was cut up for the dish and what was trashed? :)
verry edible in the end :)) thankfully !

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