Vintage Necklace Giveaway Update and Quest for Missing Followers

October 19, 2010

Just a reminder that my vintage necklace giveaway will be over at midnight CST this Friday, October 22nd. You can still enter here

I'll announce the winner some time on Saturday.  Some people were under the impression that it's a bracelet, but alas, it's a necklace.  If you'd rather not be entered in a necklace giveaway, please click on my profile in the right sidebar and then e-mail me from there.  I'll then take you out of the running since I know many entrants who would be happy if I winnowed down the list a bit lol! 

Also, some weird things have been happening with people's comments on the giveaway.....more than a few comments say that the commenter has become a follower, but their profile button never shows up on my list of followers.  (Some of them do have me listed in THEIR profiles as a blog they follow, some don't....)  The main reason I mention this is that if my blog is actually having technical difficulties with adding followers I need to let Blogger know.  If you ARE a follower and you can't find yourself in my followers' box in my sidebar, please let me know by commenting on this post!  The more I know, the easier it will be to straighten things out. 

Also, because I'm using Random Number Generator to pick the winner, just a reminder that there should be a separate comment for each item you complete ~ i.e., one generic comment,  one follower comment, one I-posted-about- your-giveaway comment and one I-have-your-button-in-my-sidebar comment.  If you've already put it all in one comment, DO NOT COMMENT AGAIN TO FIX IT.  I'm just mentioning this for any future entrants and just in general because I may be hosting another giveaway next week!!!!!!  (I must be crazy, I know....)  

More details on that giveaway coming shortly.

Hope I haven't bored you all to death with this blah blah blah stuff.  And I hope you all have a great week!

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Weatherbee ;) said...

I love it...necklace OR bracelet! :) And I AM in your list on the sidebar. Hope you figure it all out.


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