Blessed Vintage Bling (and I'm goin' to the flea market!)

April 29, 2011

I put this blessed vintage charm necklace together the other day.  It's hard to believe that I scored the components, piecemeal, over the course of months at various and sundry flea markets.   How I miss the flea markets!

Most flea markets, they're fair weather friends, at least in these parts.....come winter they disappear, not to be see again until spring.  And tomorrow's my first spring fling!

 Thanks to Mr. CBD, I'm going to be able to get away for a spell tomorrow and I. Can't. Wait.

You see, it's those flea markets where I get all my vintage goodies ~ bling, religious treasures, forgotten lovelies. 

I bring them back to life.

Here's to a great Saturday afternoon for all of us.  May we find that special treasure that makes our heart skip a beat.  I know I'll find mine.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. I thought Mendelssohn'sWedding March was appropriate for today, what with it being the royal wedding and all......just sayin'
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Unknown said...

Love the necklace. Did you watch the royal wedding? Of course, The Cranky Queen was invited, but declined to invite due to more important items on my agenda! LOL...Have a great time at the market...Also, join my Mother's Day Giveaway over at The Cranky Queen...Ends May 1st...Tiff

Suzanne said...

The necklace is beautiful. I'm going to the flea market also - in search of vintage fabrics, buttons, linens and sewing machines! Perhaps I'll see you amongst the stuff. I'm going tomorrow.

Love your things. Waiting for just the perfect charm bracelet.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Very Pretty! Have fun at the flea market. The main one here is open only one weekend a month and the vendors that have the vintage jewelry, bits and pieces that I am looking for really like their inventory - pricey. I have not been in some time now.
Enjoy your weekend.

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