Starbucks Redux and Coffee Sack Reveal!

July 13, 2011

Okay.  So I wanted to reveal my mystery Club G.W. project at the party here.  But the power went out, and we had no Internet for 30 hours, so I couldn't.  But now I can!  Remember, here was the teaser.

Now I'll show you more of that bad boy.

I picked up this burlap coffee sack at a local flea market, not quite sure what I was going to do with it, but I bought it anyway. Sound familiar?  It really did smell like coffee beans.....but the vendor who sold it to me said to just rinse it with the hose and let it dry outside.  I did.  And to my amazement, it worked!  Size-wise it's 2 1/2' by 3 1/2', affording quite a bit of "fabric" to create with (think two times the fun since it's a SACK so you have both a front and back panel). 

When I got it home I decided I'd use it to cover an old stool that was left in our house by the prior owners.  I was going to use the front of the bag, with the great stenciled letters and graphics.  But then I got to thinking........and I came up with another use for the front (to be announced at a later date).  So I cut the sack into two separate panels using my good old pinking shears to try and minimize the fraying.  {NOTE: the bottom of the sack was tightly sewn together with blue thread, about an inch above the natural seam of the sack.  To maximize my usable material, I used a seam ripper to rip out the blue seam before I cut the sack in two.}

Here's the stool before.

Pretty bad, I know.  It's been sitting in our basement for the past seven years, what can I say?

As you can see, the fabric was a bit worn and outdated, and the dark wood just isn't my style.  So I went to work to change things up a bit.  So after a coat of primer and two coats of Valspar "Vintage Map," (and a wee bit of distressing) voila.

I do like how it turned out. My kids were all like "It's nice Mom, but it'll be so scratchy!"
 Surprisingly, it's not!  Lovin' it!

Hope you're all having a great week!  And if you haven't linked up yet, there's still time.  Hope to see you at Club G.W. No. 3!  



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Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

I love your little bench! Now I'm curious about what you did with the printed side of the sack!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Bravo! What a great repurposing job, so much better. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do with the reverse.

Comeca Jones said...

great redo!

Homeroad said...

Great job Kathleen!

Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

Love the delicate white with the rustic burlap!

Ido said...

Great job, who doesn't love burlap? I use it on everything!!! a little messy because of all the lint that leaves behind, but who cares.
Have a wonderful day!

The Charm of Home said...

That turned out really nice. I need to recover some chairs badly. I love what you did here. I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for linking it up to Home Sweet Home!

Cynthia said...

Great job! Such an improvement!

Aimee @ said...

LOVE the burlap --- i have a few of those bags... now off to find an ugly stool in need of this project!!

A Few Pennies said...

Love your new makeover; burlap and white looks so pretty together. Great makeover.

Deana said...

adorable! that turned out so great!!

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Really cute! Love the texture.

Janelle said...

I love using burlap in the home. Your bench looks really nice.

Barb said...

Just delightful....could it be any better? I love it.


Privet and Holly said...

Sweet, sweet,
you talented
girl!!! Have
a wonderful
weekend, Kathleen!
xx Suzanne

bahar006 said...

Looks great, I love it:)

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Gorgeous! Part of me says we should share all of these transformations with GW...another part says NO ....they'll raise their prices! Thanks so much for linking up to this week's BFF Open House!

Janae said...

Love it!!!!!!!

Kim Bee said...

Found you on the over 40 page. Thought I'd pop by and say hello. Feel free to pop by if you get a chance. Kim

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Just featured this as part of my Open House wrap up!

WhisperWood Cottage said...

Great makeover! Thanks for linking up to the Burlap Month party at WhisperWood Cottage!

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