DIY Dollar Tree Creepy Fingers Wreath

October 6, 2011

This is really simple, folks.  I mean, my Dollar Tree actually has a packet of instructions for this wreath hanging from a display stand that holds all the materials!  Some might say lazy.  I say genius {okay, well, maybe not GENIUS, exactly} to take advantage of a cheap, simple and unique DIY Halloween decoration.

If you don't believe my good fortune just take a look at the free instructions I brought home from Dollar Tree.

They were so kind as to list the materials, so I don't have to!  But I WILL show you what I used.

One old grapevine wreath that had seen better days as an Autumn wreath once upon a time.

Again, the rest were things from the Dollar Tree.  "Creepy cloth," otherwise known as cheeseclothy-spiderwebby-thingy, bloody rubber fingers (I already had a set of three from last year so my wreath only has three fingers instead of five as in the example), and stretchy spider web with black plastic spiders included!

$1.00 each item
Wreath free
Fingers free
Total cost to me: $2.00

1. The instructions say to use a styrofoam wreath, and then just pin the creepy cloth to the back of the wreath.  With my wreath, all I had to do was wrap it around, really, since the wood is kind of prickly and the cloth automatically stuck to it.

2. Again, the instructions say to pin the spider webbing to the back of the wreath and then bring it around to the front.  I just stuck the web into some of the grapevine sticks on the back of the wreath, brought it around to the front and started criss-crossing it over the front of the wreath and behind the back of it, alternating.  You do not really need a whole package of webbing ~ I ended up cutting quite a bit off because I found it to be a bit too much. 

3. Now, the tricky part....positioning the fingers in the wreath.  The instructions say to position them, with some webbing in front of them to hold them in place, and then to glue them to the webbing with hot glue.  I couldn't be bothered to get the glue gun out so I just stuck them strategically into the webbing, hoping they would stay in place.  So far so good.

4. Last but not least, they say to glue the spiders onto the webbing.  As before (surprise), I skipped the glue gun and just "stuck" the spiders into the web.  They really do stay put all on their own. 

5. Add one creepy black rubber Dollar Tree rat (from last year) to the top of the wreath once it's been hung.
  (Just wanted to add my own personal touch there.) 

Don't you think this would be a great addition to your Halloween party decor?  Sufficiently creeps me out!  How about you?

Don't forget the Club G.W. {Goodwill} with Charm Bracelet Diva party is still going on here

Have a great long weekend, friends!


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Vanessa said...

You wreath is really is spooky.


Anonymous said...

I love it. . .heading to the DT today!

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