Less Is More Flower Arranging

June 15, 2012

Have you ever noticed that sometimes less is more?  Like maybe how much jewelry you're wearing.  Or how much make-up/perfume you slather on yourself.  Or how much food you eat.  (I'm so totally not guilty of this one.)  Either way, sometimes the reality is undeniable.  I found that to be true the other day when I brought in some fresh cut wildflowers and placed them in a can.  A simple, empty can.  And that was all I needed to brighten up my house and my day.  No fancy vase.  No incredible arrangement.  Just. A. Can.

I'm not saying that the beauty of the bright, fresh flowers had nothing to do with it.  What I am saying is that paired with a simple vessel, they became even more beautiful.  Elegant, even.

Okay, so I went a bit nuts taking pictures of these flowers.  Bear with me?

Like I said, sometime less is more.  And we can be thankful for that.

Have a great weekend, friends.


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Glenda/MidSouth said...

First - The flowers are so pretty! Thanks for sharing them with us. I also agree - sometimes less is more, and many times it would be better if some would use that principal when using fragrances.
Have a great weekend !

Lorraine said...

I read an interesting quote the other day that was along the lines of...jewelry takes peoples' focus off your wrinkles. Those flowers are so pretty that they make the can look beautiful too. :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I agree with you that the simple container doesn't detract from the lovely flowers! My mom would stop and dig up the orange Milk Weed, on the side of the road, when we saw it and bring it home to replant! Love your arrangement!

At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Kathy, Flowers +can or ball jar= summer perfection! You've got some beautiful roadside flowers in your neck of the woods. Love, Penny

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Beautiful. Love the color combo and the little can vase makes it all the more special.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

That is a perfect Summer bouquet, Kathleen! No fuss!

Anita at Cedar Hill said...

Your flowers are beautiful and I too have been known to arrange flowers in a tin can, is that wrong???

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