Anthropologie After Christmas Sale - Antlers or Branches? You Decide.

December 29, 2012

Yesterday, while "gift card shopping" with my daughters, I actually got to pop into our local Anthropologie store and peruse their after Christmas clearance sale.  It's not often that I actually go into an Anthropologie, mind you.  I'm more the type to create an Anthro knock-off.  I've even been called a knock-off Queen by a blogger friend recently (you know who you are!)  But come on, it said Clearance.

Well, I was tickled pink by what I found.  Once I set my eyes on this pitcher there was no turning back.

Anthropologie Surroyal Pitcher

Anthropologie Surroyal Pitcher

It was on a table with a sign that said "Additional 30% off red ticket clearance items."  Well, it was indeed a red ticket clearance item.  So who was I to say no? 

Original cost: $78.00.
My cost: $31.00.
Now that's L-O-V-E.

Once I got it home I tried to explain to my husband how I just HAD to have it, yada yada, but he still had that glassy-eyed look he often gets when I bring something home.  After all these years, though, at least he knows enough to smile. I wondered about the pitcher and googled it.  SO much stuff came up.  It appears to have been pretty popular with the tabletop gurus that be out there in blog land.  It was interesting to read their recommendations  for table decor.

Ironically, I bought it because the handle reminded me of antlers.  Lord knows I've been wanting me some antlers for quite a while now.  Yet one blogger who wrote about it spoke of it's "branches."  Seriously?  Call them what you will.  I'll call them antlers.
What do you think?
I also got a few fashion accessories on clearance with another 30% off that.  I rationalized my purchases by telling myself that my birthday's in February.  And now my husband's birthday shopping for me is done.  He'll thank me for it later, really.
So here she is one more time.

I really do think I'm in love.


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Anita at Cedar Hill said...

Love it Kathleen, & you are the QUEEN!

Karena said...

Kathleen OMG I love it and Anthro is right up the street! They are definitely antlers and the detail at the bottom is wonderful!

Wishing you all the best in 2013

Art by Karena

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Wow, what a deal; how could you not buy it? My vote is for antlers.
A very Happy New Year to you and your family Kathleen:-)

Sarah said...

Love that store! I think these are definitely antlers. ;-)
Great buy. Happy New Year! ~ sarah

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