Exciting News: My Craft:Boom! Internship

May 15, 2013

Hello, friends!  I'm here to make an announcement, of sorts.  For those of you who follow Charm Bracelet Diva on Facebook, you might already know this.  For the rest of you, here's the news:  I recently began a blogging internship as a contributing writer for a website called Sparkplugging:

 (spark-plug-ing) transitive verb; giving life or energy to an endeavor.

Sparkplugging offers work-at-home resources for home-based entrepreneurs.  According to Sparkplugging:

More businesses are starting at home now than ever before. Technology is transforming marketing, sales, & life balance. Sparkplugging supports today's home office workers - where life, work, & purpose are one.

So if you're one of those work-at-home types, or even if you're one of those Wanna Be work-at-home types, Sparkplugging's for you.

My niche over there is on their Indie Sellers blog, Craft::Boom!  So far I've written two posts and I'd love for you to stop by and check them out.  One post is about things you need to know before selling at craft shows.  {I really have to thank my friend, Betsy, over at My Salvaged Treasures, for giving me permission to use one of her awesome craft show booth photos. Thanks, Betsy!} The other is about the pros and cons of turning your hobby into a business.   
Are you with me now?  Some of you know that Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} started out a few years ago as a jewelry blog.  It has since morphed into SO much more.  I still love creating original vintage jewelry designs and selling them in my Etsy shop, as well as in local brick-and-mortar boutiques.  But I also love scouring flea markets and thrift shops for just the right bargains, for things I can transform inexpensively into like-new, beautiful and fresh home decor.  And I absolutely love sharing all that with YOU.
So I've been racking my brain trying to figure out how to seamlessly meld my two loves into one, while somehow making money in the process.  I haven't quite figured out a definitive answer to that question, yet.  But I think this internship thing is the beginning of a new road for me.  A real game changer.  At least I hope it will be.  And I hope you'll choose to join me for the ride.
I'll still make jewelry.  I'll still be a thrifty DIY home decor freak.  And this blog will continue.  But hopefully I'll find a way to maybe wrap it all up in a much prettier package for you, my friends and followers, who have stuck with me through thick and thin.  I'd hate to see you leave me now.
The winds of change, they are a-blowin'.
So hold onto your hats.
Exciting things are in store.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting! I'm on my way to check it out! You'll be great!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

What a fun adventure for you. I'm looking forward to all your articles Kathleen:-)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I wish you much success in your new venture!

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