Super Easy DIY Easter Chalkboard Graphic Transfer

March 17, 2014

I know it's Saint Patrick's Day, but a girl's gotta think ahead, right?  That's why today I'm going to share with you my tutorial on how to transfer a graphic image onto a chalkboard.  Some of you might be able to just wing it and draw your image freehand.  Unfortunately, I'm not one of you.

 {Although I did manage to freehand one holiday DIY chalkboard that I'm pretty proud of here.}  

But relax.  Even if you're like me, you CAN do this.  I've been reading about how to do it for a long while on many different blogs and finally decided to dive in. And since there won't be the usual Easter decorating going on around here due to the fact that we're trying to sell the house, this is a PERFECT project: once and done.  After Easter I can just erase it and start again with something else!   

Well, after Christmas that beauty was erased.  

And here she is, just waiting for me to write something new on her.

Once again,I went for simple.  I thought a bunny would be perfect for the middle of the wreath and the words "Happy Easter" for the text beneath it. So I got to work.  Here's the bunny image I used.

I can't give you a specific link to this little guy. What I can tell you that I googled "bunny silhouette" in Google Images and this came up among many other bunny silhouette images.  This one appeared to be royalty free and I thought it was the right shape and size so I decided to go with it.

For the words, I just went to Picmonkey and created this.

I got the really cool chalkboard background over at Simply Kierste.  

She is totally awesome and talented, and shares so many of her cute chalkboard printables.  Hop on over there and get the background for yourself.  Just think of all the cute printables you can make with it!  
{You don't have to use a chalkboard background for this, but it's one of the ways I know how to make a printable. You can totally use a transparent background if you'd like as well. I'll try and share that one in an upcoming post.}

The font I used in Picmonkey was Special Elite.

Then I printed it out, jut like the bunny.

Now here's the fun part.


Printed image or images/typography
chalk and/or chalk pen
masking tape

Step 1. Take your piece of chalk and TOTALLY cover the BACK side of your image with it, being sure to rub the chalk back and forth over the entire image, like so.

Step 2.  Once you're done chalking the back side of the paper, blow off all the excess chalk

Step 3.  Turn the paper over and place it where you want that image to be on the chalkboard.  Then gently tape it down with masking tape.  Here's the bunny.

And here's the text.

Step 4.  Now take your pencil and trace around the outline of your image(s). Then go back and pencil it all in.

Here I've finished coloring in the word Happy and started outlining the capital letter "E."

Once you're completely done, gently remove the image from the chalkboard.  

You'll be left with an ever-so-faint image that you'll need to fully chalk in.  Here's what the bunny looked like.

As you can see, this is a really faint image of a bunny.  But it definitely beats my own image of a bunny if I freehanded it.  And that's the point.  You just have to fill it in darker and you'll have the image you want.

Here it is.

I'm very happy with how it turned out. And I won't have to "store it" once Easter is over. I can totally redo it again next Easter, or try another cute graphic.  I guess it goes without saying that I love boxwood wreaths. They're really so versatile for decorating.  I have a few hanging around my house (one over a mirror, one in a window) that I hope to share with you one of these days. 

As for this chalkboard project, what do you think?

Well, that's it until next time!

I hope you enjoyed reading about how to make your very own chalkboard graphic transfer. 

Thanks for spending time with me today! 

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

That turned out great, Kathleen! I wouldn't have thought to get the image on the chalkboard like this. I always thought this would be too hard for me {as I am horrible at writing and drawing}, but I may just have to give this a try. With something easy and simple, of course!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

This is so cute and clever! I'm terrible at drawing or free-handing letters, thanks for the great tutorial.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I think you did a great job! You are a lot more creative than I am. I have yet to put out something a bit Spring related.
Happy St.Paddy's Day!

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea! How clever to transfer the bunny and writing this way! I love this knockoff idea! It looks like you are ready for Spring and Easter!

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

That's a smart way to do it. As they say: work smarter not harder.

White Ironstone Cottage said...

looks so cute !!!
can you please email me your email address
I have your gift certificate ready
and the email address I have from your info isn't working
from White Ironstone Cottage

White Ironstone Cottage said...

oops my email is

The Polka Dot Closet said...

How cute! Thank you for the tutorial, I have not tried writing or drawing on chalkboards, because I have no artist skills...But, I could do this!


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