Scrumptious Madeleines: French Confections

June 23, 2014

Serendipity surely had a hand in the recent turn of events that led me to make madeleines for the very first time.  I recently came across a great recipe for madeleines over at one of my favorite blogs, The Charm of Home.  If you're not familiar with these pretty little French sponge cakes, Wikipedia has this to say about them:

The madeleine (French pronunciation: ​[mad.lɛn], English /ˈmædln/ or /ˌmædlˈn/[1]) or petite madeleine ([pə.tit mad.lɛn]) is a traditional small cake from Commercy and Liverdun, two communes of the Lorraine region in northeastern France.

Within a day of my finding Sherry's post about these delicious treats I actually found a madeleine tin mold for 99 cents at Goodwill, similar to the one pictured below. 

It was fate I tell you. 

 And if you know me at all you'll know that I love all things French, so these cakes have been on my to-do list for a long time. I also love the sea, so their seashell shape is another reason I've always been drawn to them.

Madeleine Tin Mold

I was pretty proud of myself with how they turned out.

I overfilled the molds on the first batch, and they did not look like the pretty cakes you see here!  But I was quick to figure that out and the next two batches came out just right!

I'm a tea drinker (Earl Grey and  Vanilla Caramel are my favorites) so I know I'll be having some of these cakes with my tea in the morning. I wanted to show you one of my many teacups that have been collected over the years, and I chose one in particular that has special meaning for me.

The cup and saucer was given to me by a dear friend who passed away a number of years ago. She knew how much I loved tea, and she actually shared with me a cup from her personal collection.  
The bottom reads:
Fine Bone China,
She had impeccable taste and really knew her china ~ she was from England after all! 
 I will always treasure it. 

And by the way, the large white plate was a Dollar Store purchase.  I know, it looks just like the Pottery Barn Emma dinnerware! I bought out the last of their dinner plates and was so happy since our everyday plates are also white. I just added them into the mix.  I love it when that happens!   
I'm going to leave you with a collage of my madeleine pictures. 
Aren't they incredibly photogenic?
And don't forget to stop by Sherry's blog The Charm of Home and get the recipe
You won't be disappointed!

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Glenda/MidSouth said...

Yum! Those do look and sound good!
A very pretty gift.

The Charm of Home said...

I am glad you liked the recipe as much as I did. It turns out great doesn't it? Great find on the pan! Thanks for the mention. I will be making them again, every one loved them.

Simply Suzannes at Home said...

Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

Madeleines are one of my favorite cookies, especially with a cup of tea or coffee. Thanks so much for sharing,

chateau chic said...

Your madeleines are beautiful, and I'm sure taste as good as they look!!
Mary Alice

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! You're quite the cook! Madelines are one of my favorite cookies with a cup of coffee!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I just love serendipity like this! Your madelines are beautiful. Makes me want to give it a try!

must love junk said...

Mmm, those look yummy and they are so pretty (and photogenic) especially with your special teacup! :)

Curtains in My Tree said...

Those look so good I could eat them all
you did a great job

Unknown said...

Shared on twitter! Thanks for linking!

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