Friday Finds #2: Vintge Edition Road Rescue

October 31, 2014

I know I just posted a Friday Find, but I have another
one to share and well, it IS Friday, so here goes.

Just take a look at this beauty.
Chickadee number one had expressed an interest
 in rearranging her room (insert surprise here - not),
which included the need to find a small table
to replace her rather large desk.
We had just seen some cute small tables while
we were out doing our Sunday errands.
Problem was, none were in our price range.
Enter road rescue.
Sure, a drawer appeared to be missing, but why let that stop us?
She spied it sitting at the end of our neighbor's driveway
as we were heading home, and she yelled out for me
to stop the car.
Gotta love it, I've trained them well. 

The trunk was filled with groceries so we couldn't stash it there,
and it didn't fit in the back seat either.
So she CARRIED it herself from their house to ours.
It was kind of a haul but she clearly wanted this table!
You can see it has a glass top and is kidney-shaped.
I googled "kidney shaped table" and came up with
images of this same table on Etsy, asking price
$150 and $175.
I believe it's from the 1950's or 1960's
 and was used as a vanity table. 
I'm not really sure what the "arms" are for, got any ideas?

I'm thinking that we can possibly fill the empty drawer spot
 with a basket of some sort, or if we're really lucky we
just might find a replacement drawer.

The glass top is sweet because it protects the wood but it also
slides off easily if need be. I read that sometimes a fabric skirt
was added all around it. I love the idea but I'm not sure how
keen chickadee number one would be about it.
Will I be painting it?
Heck, yes.
My daughter has asked that I paint it white.
So that's the plan for now.
I can't wait to get started.
What color would you paint it?
Stain it?
Do tell.
Here's to a Happy Halloween
and a great weekend!
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Vintage Paint and more... said...

What a great find and I can see why she fell in love with it . It has so many possibilities. Can't wait to see what you decide on. Know it will be gorgeous. Cathy

Hilda Rodgers said...

I love it!! And boy I need to train my kids as well as you've trained yours :) Enjoy fixing it up!

Faye said...

It's a dressing table. You may want to attach a gathered skirt to it. The "wings" allow access to the drawers (if you had them). A real find with the glass top!

Anonymous said...

What a great find! I love the fact that you have trained them well! This will be perfect for her room! I had one in my room when I was growing up and it had a gathered skirt. Small world-

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

I had one of these cute vanities years ago and I made a skirt for it attached with Velcro.
Great find!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Nice find! You did train her well. :) Sorry - no help about the retractable arms. Maybe a skirt was attached at one time - don't know,:/
Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

What a great curbside find and free delivery too. Oh yes, paint it white! Maybe you can find a wicker or wire basket to fit in the drawer space.

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