Christmas Decorating with Peppermint Candies

December 1, 2014

Red and white are definitely Christmas colors. And one great way to
decorate with those colors is to use red and white candy canes or other
peppermint candies in unique ways around your home. Here are just a few
ideas to get you started.

Peppermint candies can be used to brighten up the mantel. Just fill
up some clear containers with peppermints and foam letters and you
 have a custom made Christmas message.

They work equally well as topiaries.
One type of peppermint candy that I've wanted to use for decorating is 
the peppermint stick. Like a candy cane without the hook part on top.
I bought a boatload of these candies at the Dollar Store a few years
ago but never got around to using them.

This year I finally did.

I placed the candy sticks and some faux snow in
one of my vintage trophies, or loving cup.
They make a welcoming sight on the foyer table 
alongside my mini Christmas tree and some beautifully
decorated Christmas boxes.
And I'll be honest here. I ate some, too!
Have you ever used peppermint
candies for Christmas decorating?
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Hilda Rodgers said...

Cute idea! I think I'd be tempted to eat them too much though... they might not last until Christmas!

Unknown said...

These are all so beautiful and totally makes me want to take a bite out of them!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

These are all such fun ideas. Love your peppermint sticks inside the pretty silver trophy. I remember making reindeer with candy canes many years ago, but nothing as pretty as all of these idea.

Unknown said...

I too love using candy canes to decorate with they always look so festive. i even did a whole blog on it this week titled peppermint patty party.Susie stop by and see

Unknown said...

LOve this!!!! Featuring you tomorrow and sharing on my social media. XOXO

Shannon said...

Very cute and what a cheap way to decorate. Thanks for sharing some ideas. I did a vase with peppermint sticks around it last year.

Shannon ~

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