Marquee Letter/Monogram Wall Art

January 1, 2015

One trend that I don't see going away any time soon
is the marquee letter/monogram wall art trend. It's in catalogs
and magazines, on blogs and Pinterest. Have I fallen into the trap?
You bet.

I recently purchased a large galvanized vintage-inspired monogram letter
to hang on our family room wall. It was on sale for half price at Hobby
Lobby, so I swept in and got it before our initial was gone. Our last name

begins with "A" and it tends to be one of the first letters to disappear.
So I was happy to find that they still had one left.    

I love the look of it, but I also like the fact that it's three dimensional, so that it
doesn't even have to be hung on the wall. It can be placed on a shelf or a
mantel and just propped against the wall, easy peasy. I haven't hung mine
yet since the Christmas decorations are still up.

You can find the same letters in the Ballard Designs catalog.

Only theirs are $35.00 each.
Mine was $7.00.
I've also hung a gold "A" next to our fireplace. You can
read about that thrifty purchase here.

I got mine for $5.00 at Hobby Lobby.  
It's currently sold by Ballard's for $19.00.
I also like to put our initial on chalkboards as well.

And it's not just individual letters I'm enamored with. I've
also jumped on the kitchen "EAT" sign bandwagon.


I'm sure you've seen similar signs before.
I ended up actually using two mediums for my Eat signs.
One was painted on a vintage wooden tray with DIY stencils.

The other EAT sign was made by simply painting some inexpensive
wooden letters I got at Wal-mart and propping them up on my kitchen
sideboard. I may eventually attach them to a permanent background of
 sorts, but for now I like them unattached so I can easily move them around
our eating area.  

You also may have seen one of my church rummage sale finds being
put to good use in one of my posts on Christmas decorating.

But beyond the letters and words I've used in my own home, you can find
them used in many different ways almost everywhere you look.

I love these galvanized metal "PEACE" letters used as mantel d├ęcor.
The letters have just the right amount of rust. And I love that whitewashed
brick behind the mantel.

I also love how these letters are used to spell out a name
in this nautical-inspired children's bedroom.

And I'd be totally remiss without mentioning the real deal: actual honest to goodness
 light-up marquee lights. They're also available commercially but there are many
DIY versions out there like this one at Happy Looks Good on You.

I'd love to try it once things have died down after the holidays. I know they
can be very expensive, especially at places like Restoration Hardware.
Theirs are $199.00.
Vintage Illuminated Marquee Letters & Numbers


Have you succumbed to the letters-as-wall-art craze?
What about DIY marquee lights?
Any plans to tackle them in the new year?

I'd love to hear all about it.

And on a separate note, 

I can't believe the new year is here already.
Where DID 2014 go?
Happy New Year, friends!
Don't miss another
home decor post!

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Donna Wilkes said...

I have letters all over the house. Great inspirational pics - love the rusty PEACE - it is my word for the year.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love all these ideas, Kathleen. I love using monograms in general. I always stop to look at large letters when I see them for sale wherever I may be, but pass on them unless I have an exact spot in mind for them. With less walls to hang things on in our condo (than our old house) I have to restrain myself sometimes. : )

Anonymous said...

I love these letters! I have one galvanized on the screened porch. You have provided some great ideas; thanks!

chateau chic said...

Those rusty metal letters sell like hotcakes in our antique shop! I like all your examples of wall art using letters.
Mary Alice

Anne's Attic - Design said...

I really love the idea of having a letter on my home. It's like saying hey I live here. LOL XX Jo

The Speckled Hen Cottage said...

Monograms have been here for quite awhile and like you I don't think they are going away anytime soon. your galvanized metal one is very cool...wish we had a Hobby Lobby here. A few months back at an Vintage Show I seen the word "EXPLORE" (3-D cardboard letters about 18" tall) covered in old maps - thought it was a very clever idea.

The Charm of Home said...

Oh, I like the map and the lights ones!Thanks for joining HSH!

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Wonderful roundup and featuring you when my link party opens up tonight. Happy New Year.

DD's Cottage said...

I love all the letters and the Joy one is great. We have quite a few around our house as well!

At Home in English Valley said...

Hi my creative friend. You know using large letters like these goes way back to Mary Tyler Moore's old show. She had a large M on her wall, and that started a trend way back in the 1970's when you were still a toddler ;-)
We had a P & T on our wall in our first apartment in 1976!
Just stopping by to say hello, always love your great ideas! Love, Penny

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