Friday Finds Vintage Edition #6: Is There a Bar Cart In My Future?

May 8, 2015

vintage bar cart repurpose ideas

They're baaaaack! Retro bar carts are all the rage. You see them in popular
home décor catalogs and on Pinterest. And I've fallen for them. Hard.
I've even dedicated an entire Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home}
Bar Cart Pinterest Board to them.
And being the thrifty DIY-er that I am, I can't just go out and buy one, now
could I? Of course not! If it isn't a challenge then it's not worth it ha ha. 
Seriously, I was thrilled to come across this old collapsible two-shelf cart
on wheels at a killer yard sale I accidentally came across this past week. 
Dilemma: how should I repurpose it?

Originally from the 1940's, 50's and 60's, bar carts have once again become
the "it" thing of the moment.  DIY blogs are rife with bar cart makeovers. You can
buy a new contemporary one at places like Target and Ikea, or you can go for the
true retro vibe and repurpose a found one to look like new.
The cart I picked up for $10.00 is in really good shape. It has two shelves,
a metal frame and casters that make it oh-so-portable.

Here's a close-up of the top shelf.  

vintage bar cart repurpose ideas

And here's a close-up of the bottom shelf and casters.

vintage bar cart repurpose ideas

 Side view.
vintage bar cart repurpose ideas

Here it is partially folded. I was so stoked that it could be folded
and stored away when not in use!

vintage bar cart repurpose ideas

And here it is folded flat.

vintage bar cart repurpose ideas

I have to say that the bones of this thing are in great shape. The only problems I
have with it are the color and the run-of-the-mill black plastic casters. As for the
color, I've never been a blue person, despite the fact that indigo/denim blue seems
to be the go-to hot home décor color of the moment right now. So what's a girl to do?
The wheels have been turning in my brain as to how I can bring this puppy
up to vintage mod snuff. I'm thinking of going glam, perhaps with metallic gold
spray paint. I also like the idea of mirrors being involved somehow.

vintage bar cart repurpose ideas

The shelves are covered with a material not unlike vinyl. Can vinyl even be spray
painted? If not, I'm guessing I can take the vinyl off, which would leave me with
two bare particleboard shelves. I'd have to unscrew the shelves first and then I
think the vinyl will come off. Not sure I want to go to all that trouble so I might just
try the spray paint and see what happens.
I'm really itching to start this makeover!
What do YOU think I should do?

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Diana said...

Great find, Kathleen. I don't think you'd have any trouble spray painting the vinyl. I love the idea of incorporating mirrors somehow. Can't wait to see your glamorous results!

handmade by amalia said...

Looking forward to seeing what you make with it. It looks more glamorous than shabby chic to me.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Great find, and I love how it folds up. I think a paint job is in order, then maybe a stencil or a graphic transfer. You'll make it beautiful!

chateau chic said...

Yes, these carts are very popular. They sell very quickly when a dealer brings one into the shop.
I know yours will look fabulous when you give it a makeover.
Mary Alice

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

maybe spray paint for plastic would stick to vynil. Looks like you got a fun project in your hands

Kelly said...

That cart kind of reminds me of the little card folding tables that you can buy. I wonder if it's part of a set for that. I have no idea if vinyl can be painted. I know that plastic can be using the Fusion paint by Krylon though. Maybe it can work on vinyl too. I've heard that chalk paint works on any surface too. I bet one of those paints will work. Looking forward to seeing it made over. I know it will look great!

Kathy said...

Did this get to be a bar cart yet? I can see it in a kid's room as a nightstand...or in my house for craft clutter! You're right; it has great bones. Love that it folds.

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