Friday Finds: Vintage Edition - Farmhouse Estate Sale and More

June 20, 2015

Vintage 1950's glass cocktail shaker with drink recipes

Yup. It really was a farmhouse. And yes, it really was around the corner
from my house. Doesn't get much better than that. And while I didn't get a lot
of stuff, I love the stuff I got. And that's what counts, right?

Vintage 1950's glass cocktail shaker with drink recipes

I've started a cocktail shaker collection, and these are just perfect for it.The
shaker with the drink recipes painted on it is very quintessential 1950's Mad Men
era. Don't you just love it? Who would have thought that I'd find cocktail
shakers at a farmhouse estate sale?

Vintage glass cocktail shaker

This one is less memorable, but it might just be worth more.

Funny story -- I didn't see the plain glass shaker and left without it. The woman
 in charge of the estate sale mentioned it to me when she saw that I was buying
the Mad Men shaker, but I said I wasn't interested. Then when I got home
and started researching cocktail shakers I found a similar one on eBay that was
going for a couple hundred dollars. So when I went back to the sale a few hours
later I snatched up the second one in the hopes that it would be worth more than
the few dollars I paid for it.
Vintage glass cocktail shaker

Vintage glass cocktail shaker

Now I'm not so sure. There were no markings on it that would give it that extra
cachet to interest collectors. But I really love it's lid and overall shape.

Vintage glass cocktail shaker

If anyone has any idea about the value of either one of these, or even vintage
cocktail shakers in general, I'd love to hear from you in the comments.

Vintage Green Lady Baltimore Suitcase

I also picked up this Lady Baltimore suitcase. It's in pretty much pristine condition,
and IT DOESN'T SMELL! Now that's a first. Many of my vintage suitcases have
that lovely, musty smell that you just can't seem to get out of it. (I've tried all the
so-called remedies to no avail.) I paid very little for it, and see that Lady Baltimore
luggage gets a decent resale price so I'm going to keep that in mind. But right
now I just want to enjoy it. One of the best storage solutions, ever.
Vintage Ice Capades Charm Bracelet

Now here's the piece de resistance: an Ice Capades charm bracelet. Did you
know the name Ice Capades is a pun on the word escapade? You did? Well,
now I really feel stupid. Anyway, I love it! I found other Ice Capades bracelets
with less charms on them, but none with seven charms just like this one. What
a great souvenir!

Vintage Ice Capades Charm Bracelet

Each charm is topped with a different colored gemstone.

Vintage Ice Capades Charm Bracelet

And all of the stones are intact. The paint is chipping here and there, but that
just adds to the charming vintage patina of the piece. It's actually quite
whimsical - one of its charms is a purple hippo in a tutu.

And this was on the box it was in. Looks like it was from right here in Chicago.
I tried looking into the jeweler but came up empty-handed. All I know for sure is
that this box is from a long time ago - so long ago that phone numbers had words
in them! "Dearborn 2-0765."Any idea when these types of phone numbers
were used?

I also toured the barn, but it really was just a spider-webby place with old tractors
in it, and nothing of any real interest to me. I was bummed about that. But there
were some men really happy to have found some farm equipment.

I also have two other finds to share with you today. One is a vintage camera
 my daughter and I picked up in a thrift store for a song.

Vintage Imperial Mark XII camera and flash

Soooooo cool. We don't know much about these old beauties, but like mother
like daughter -- she's already started a collection.
Last but not least, I picked up this vintage bakelite/celluloid Scottie pin for $1.49
at one of my local Goodwills. I thought it was cute but I also had an inkling
that it was a collectible. Um, yes it is.

Vintage Bakelite/Celluloid Scottie Pin

I found a double Scottie pin pretty similar to this one on Ruby Lane for $832.00. 
Yes, I said $832.00. I did a double take myself on that one. I found another one
on Etsy (just a single Scottie) that's going for $289.00. And it's only half the size
of I'm confused as to what this one is really worth. I'm starting to research
the history of bakelite/celluloid jewelry so maybe I'll come up with a value for it soon.  
Any ideas?

Vintage Bakelite/Celluloid Scottie Pin

So, you're probably wondering why I keep mentioning that I'd like to figure
out the value of each of these treasures. It's not just pure curiosity. I'm
actually thinking about opening up another etsy shop to sell off all of the cool
stuff I pick up in my junking travels. Call me crazy, I guess. But I figure why not try
to make a profit on it? I love the thrill of the hunt, always have. Now maybe I can put
that love to work for me and make a profit! Advice is always welcome, as I know
many of you do this already and are quite successful at it.

Sorry this Friday Finds post is a day late,
but my summer has been pretty busy thus far.

How about yours?

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Glenda/MidSouth said...

Wow - You did good!. The vintage cameras are collectible, and you really scored on the scottie pin. Why not make a profit. If you don't, someone else will.:)

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I would have bought everything you did. The Scottie dog pin is a real treasure and worth more research. What a sweet camera your daughter found, a great start to a new collection!!!

chateau chic said...

Wonderful finds!!
Mary Alice

Decor To Adore said...

What wonderful finds. I did not know about the play on words for Ice Capades. :)

I wanted to invite you to stop by the Decor To Adore blog as I am currently hosting a giveaway for my treasured readers.

Have a beautiful day!

Privet and Holly said...

Love your finds, as always!

My daughter was trolling the
web for a Polaroid camera,
as she's enamored of the
vintage look of the pics! I
remembered that my uncle
had given me his before she
was born, and just dug it out
for her. Fun stuff!

xo Suzanne

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