The Land of Nod-Inspired Orbital Floor Lamp DIY

September 2, 2015

DIY Orbital Floor Lamp Land of Nod

I love reading The Land of Nod catalog. So do my kids. Yes, we fight over it, but I 
always win.The latest catalog we received features a fabulous modern Focault's Orb
floor lamp for a kid's room. They call it the Orbital Floor Lamp. I took one look at it
and knew that I could make it myself. For like zero dollars. That is, after three dollars
for spray paint, and a funky new light bulb.
The Land of Nod Orbital Floor Lamp

Theirs: $199.00
Land of Nod Orbital Floor Lamp

Note: The Land of Nod catalogs describe this lamp as their "Orbit Lamp"
but the description page online for the lamp itself refers to it as their
"Orbital Floor Lamp." Go figure.
I already owned the orb and was using it as d├ęcor in the family room. I got it at Home Goods.

Metal Orb Decor
I also already owned the vintage floor lamp (culled from the "storage" room in the
basement). All I had to do was go out and buy a really cool Edison bulb to make
the light actually, well, light. No problem.

Here's the front and back of the light bulb package I originally bought.

Feit Electric Edison bulb package

Cost: Around $7.00 from Menard's. I do think using the right bulb for this particular
lamp style is important. 

Now here's a picture of the lamp before.

vintage brass lamp pre-transform DIY Land of Nod Orbital Lamp

Gotta love that shade.

Here's a close-up of the floor lamp base. Just lovely, isn't it?
Here's a "before" shot of a vintage brass lamp bottom, pre-Land of Nod Orbital Lamp DIY

The whole thing was in a pretty sad state so I decided to clean it up and spray paint it
 brown to match the orb. I forgot to take a picture of the lamp as it was being painted. 
But you know what to do - tape off any parts of the lamp that you don't want covered
 in paint, including the cord.
Once painted, all I had to do was attach the orb to the lamp. I just grabbed some
of my picture hanging wire (I know, very professional) and wrapped it around the orb
and the lamp's swing arm so as to secure the orb in an upright position. I will admit that I
should have used brown wire for better camouflage, but then that would have meant another
 trip to the hardware store! I'll probably replace the wire at some point but I'm loving the
 whole thing too much now to mess with it. Time for the Edison bulb and reveal.

Land of Nod Orbital Floor Lamp DIY with House Rules wall decal

You can see that I had to change the light bulb out for a different vintage style. For
some reason, a bulb that was supposed to last 3,000 hours only lasted about three!
Luckily I had picked up three different styles at the same time so I had two back-ups
to choose from. I like how this one looks as well, although I like the first one better
for this style of lamp.

Land of Nod Orbital Floor Lamp DIY with House Rules wall decal

The "House Rules" wall decal came from Urban Walls. I won a giveaway a few
years ago and we only recently got around to hanging it up.

Land of Nod Orbital Floor Lamp DIY with House Rules wall decal

I placed the lamp on some vintage books and atlases since it seemed really short
to me for some reason. Maybe because the wall decal is so tall?

Land of Nod Orbital Floor Lamp DIY with House Rules wall decal

Below is a picture taken before I managed to cover that hideous brass switch plate.

Land of Nod Orbital Floor Lamp DIY with House Rules wall decal

I covered the switch plate with an embroidery hoop and vintage lace. I'm currently working
on making some more of them for wall art. Hopefully I'll be sharing them soon.

So what do you think?

From this:
Vintage brass lamp made into into Land of Nod Orbital Lamp DIY

To this:
Land of Nod Orbital Floor Lamp DIY with House Rules wall decal
The Land of Nod: $199.00
Mine: $10.00 (for spray paint and light bulb) 

I am really happy with how this little project turned out. Like, really! I'm thinking
that it would work just as well with certain types of table lamps if that's the look
you're going for.

What kind of lamps do you like best, floor lamps or table lamps? 
We need them both in our house!

Here's one last look.

The Land of Nod Orbital Floor Lamp DIY
I hope I've inspired you to make an Orbit Floor Lamp of you own!
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chateau chic said...

You did a fabulous job, Kathleen, making your own orbit floor lamp! Love the idea of putting it on stacked books to give it additional height.
Mary Alice

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Much, much better now! You know I always love your knock-off projects and this is no exception. Clever girl!! Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

handmade by amalia said...

A great project! Came out great.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I think you are a genius! I love it...To be able to look at your decorative orb and an old floor lamp and then looking at a magazine and putting it all together yep, pure genius! I went to the Haven blog conference in Atlanta in July and that is where I first saw the Ryobi battery operated tools. I hope your blog conference was as good as fun!


Mary K. said...

Wow, you did a great job of up cycling. The black and the orbital make it look so new and fresh and the black makes it look dramatic!

Decor To Adore said...

I am absolutely shouting with fantastic!
Truly great transformation.
Have a happy Labor Day and a wonderful week!

The Charm of Home said...

That turned out really great Kathleen!

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