Friday Finds: Vintage Edition #16

October 23, 2015

hydrangeas vintage Royal Holland pewter pitcher

Hello and welcome back!It's that time again ~ time to share my latest vintage finds with you.Today's vintage finds include pewter ware, minnow buckets, celluloid knives and more! So let's get started!

Today I wanted to start off with some vintage minnow buckets I scored at a pop-up estate sale last week. I've wanted to buy some for a long time now, and most of the ones I've seen have perfectly faded paint on them. Alas, these had no paint, but they were much cheaper than I've seen so I had to bring them home. I might have to stencil something authentic-looking on at least one of them. The lady I bought them from mentioned how they look really cool with candles glowing inside them. I'll have to give it a try.

vintage galvanized minnow buckets wire fence grass

I found some selling on eBay from $10.00 and up, depending on their age and uniqueness. Cost: $4.00 each.

vintage galvanized minnow buckets

I hadn't noticed at first but they are each just a tad different.

vintage galvanized minnow buckets

I absolutely LOVE the star!

vintage galvanized minnow buckets

This one is just a bit different on the lid.

vintage Shell gas station celluloid steak knives

I also picked up some retro steak knives at the Salvation Army for $1.26.They're still taped together like I found them in the store. 

vintage Shell gas station celluloid plastic steak knives

I looked them up and apparently Shell gas stations were giving them away at some point or another.

vintage Shell gas station steak knife giveaway

I saw them for sale on eBay where in some places they're listed as being from the 1950's, yet in others it says they're from the 1960's and the 1970's! So which one is it? Anyone know what decade they're really from? I remember getting glasses from the local gas station when I was a kid, but I certainly don't remember getting steak knives! One seller priced ten brand new ones still in the box at $9.99 so I'm not holding out that mine are worth much. I still like them, though, and I do believe they're a collectible!

galvanized watering can

Here's an interesting find. I picked up this metal watering can for $2.00 at the same pop-up estate sale where I got the minnow buckets. I have to admit that once I got it home I decided it really wasn't vintage at all. It did, however, remind me of those vintage oil cans I've seen from time to time which I guess is what drew me to it in the first place.

I was a bit confused when I realized that the entire spout was clogged with dirt, but once I rinsed it out it was good to go! Despite it's non-vintage-ness, I have to say that it will look so much better on my kitchen counter than the Tupperware pitcher that I've been using to water my houseplants!

Bavarian china mid-century modern salt and pepper shakers and egg cups

I know nothing about china but these beauties caught my eye at the farmhouse estate sale around the corner from my house a few weeks back.

Bavarian China mid-century modern salt and pepper shakers

Yes, I realize one of the shakers is missing (salt or pepper?) but they were just unique enough to pique my interest. 

Bavarian china bottom stamp egg cup

The printing on the bottom says "Bavaria, Made in W. Germany." There's also some type of symbol that looks like it has a crown on top of it but I can't quite make it out. I don't know if they still put "East" and "West" on things that are made in Germany, since the Berlin wall fell in 1990. If not, then I can guess the egg cups and shaker are from some time before that. West German egg cups and shaker are SOLD.

hydrangeas in vintage Royal Holland pewter pitcher

And what's with the flowers at the beginning of this post? Well, you all know my obsession with hydrangeas. Just thought I'd share one last hydrangea floral arrangement of the season in my vintage Royal Holland pewter pitcher.

Well, that's it until next time, friends! 

 I hope you enjoyed reading   
  Friday Finds:Vintage Edition #16  
and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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hydrangeas vintage Royal Holland pewter pitcher

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Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi Kathleen, I just love the buckets. What a great find! The watering can is quite stylish. I wouldn't mind either that it's not vintage.
No, products made in Germany are not marked East or West anymore. From the style I would think the egg cups and the shaker are from the 1950s.
I love hydangeas. Yours are beautiful and look great in that pretty vase.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Deanies Stash said...

Kathleen, I love the minnow buckets. The egg cups and shaker are really great! Very eye catching!

Have a great weekend!


mary scott said...

I think the 2 egg cups are worth more than $8! Great stuff!! thanks

NanaDiana said...

Love the old minnow buckets. I have seen a couple of them here and there but they were usually overpriced. Cute little egg cups and you could always use the shaker for a mini-vase. lol
Some really great, and fun, finds. Have a great weekend. xo Diana

ps- IF you have time-pop by my blog and sign up for the giveaway from my son's latest venture.

Sharon @ Blue Willow House said...

I'm crushing on your minnow buckets. Great finds.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I LOVE those buckets and the idea of putting a light inside!!!

Vanessa said...

That is a great pitcher. I love all your beautiful vintage finds. Wish my Goodwill was this good. LOL

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