DIY Merry & Bright Christmas Chalkboard From Thrift Store Metal Art

December 12, 2015

DIY Metal Sign Christmas Chalkboard Merry & Bright

 A few years ago I stumbled upon this interesting black metal sign with a sea shell painted on it. I was not in love with the piece as is, but I knew I could make use of it somehow. Turns out that it came in really handy as part of my display at a craft show where I was selling my jewelry.

I'm sure that any of you who know me had no doubt about what I was going to do with this sign. Enter a can of chalkboard spray paint. It turned out better than I had hoped it would. Just a clean slate waiting for my hand and some chalk.

It was used in my booth at the craft show, then in my studio at home for a few years. Here it's decorated with some glitter bottle bush trees and a DIY mini-snowglobe for effect. What inspired me to use it as a Christmas chalkboard was something I saw in a Pier One Christmas catalog.

They call it a Hollies and Berries Chalk Note Menu Board, but it's no longer available. The one in their Christmas catalog looked much more impressive than this one. It says "Happy Holidays" in fancy script with scrolly embellishments. Just goes to show how important the font and word choice is!

Merry & Bright printed for reverse chalk transfer

I chose to go with the words "Merry & Bright." Here's the graphic I saved and printed off my computer and the chalk I sharpened with a pencil sharpener! Yes. You. Can. I used my reverse chalk transfer method and it worked out great.

DIY Metal Sign Christmas Chalkboard Merry & Bright

I added the tree free hand after searching images for Christmas chalkboard printables. The original tree image is actually a print for sale on Etsy. It was written around the word "Joy" there. Sorry, but I can't find the link anymore. If anyone knows, please mention in the comments. I love how it turned out.

Vintage Santa Christmas Ornament on Sled

Here's the vintage Santa ornament I picked up at the local church rummage sale.
Doesn't he look happy?

Vintage Santa Christmas Ornament on Sled

I really love how this turned out! 
So don't overlook the things in your favorite thrift 
store that appear to have potential. You just never know! 

Stay tuned for more DIY Christmas's the most wonderful time of the year!

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Anonymous said...

Kathleen, this is so cute! What a great idea! I love the chalkboard and your vignette is adorable! Sorry I haven't been able to visit very often. I'm taking care of Dad, at his house, and I cannot comment easily from my IPad. Merry Christmas!

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