Friday Finds #23: Vintage Edition is Now "Thrill of the Hunt"!

February 19, 2016

I've really enjoyed sharing my Friday Finds with you over these past months. When I named this weekly feature "Friday Finds" it was clearly my intention to post every, uh, Friday. But life sure does have a pesky habit of getting in the way, so my best laid plans did not always materialize. My Friday Finds sometimes ended up being shared on days other than Fridays. Which made me realize...they weren't REALLY Friday Finds, now were they? Plus I like the new name so much better! So Friday Finds has become Thrill of the Hunt! For consistency's sake (and the fact that I don't want to have to start counting all over again) I am going to continue with the number sequence I was already using. Hence, welcome to Thrill of the Hunt #23!

I'll start off with this beauty I picked up at our Salvation Army for $1.30.

Porcelaine Limoges Castel France fluted floral patterned bowl

Let me say one word: Limoges. When I saw this Limoges porcelain bowl/candy dish I knew I had to have it. And the price was definitely right!

Porcelaine Limoges Castel France fluted floral patterned bowl

I instantly fell in love with this pattern! I searched and searched on the internet to try and pinpoint exactly what the pattern is called but I came up empty handed. It seems like there are almost too many Limoges patterns out there. I felt like I was looking for a needle in a haystack. I can say that I know I can probably get at least $10.00 for it, but any more than that? I don't know.

Porcelaine Limoges Castel France fluted floral patterned bowl

I love it's fluted shape all around, and its delicate feet.

Porcelaine Limoges Castel France fluted floral patterned bowl

Based on this mark it appears that the piece was probably manufactured sometime between 1944 and 1963. That's the best I can come up with.

vintage Oregon salt and pepper shakers

Okay, so these are nowhere near as fancy schmancy as the Limoges bowl, but I had to get them just the same. I figure they're pretty kitschy and might just grab some collector's attention. And yes, my Salvation Army cost was 52 cents. I think I might be able to get $10.00 for them based on some similar ones I've seen on Etsy. Right now I don't know of any way to figure out their approximate age.
glass salt and pepper shakers

Do any of you recognize this shaker? This exact shaker was on my kitchen table growing up. (We had two, of course.) Besides bringing back memories, I have a plan for using this one next Christmas for the world's smallest snow globe display. Cost: 52 cents.

Jelly Belly gumball machine

Speaking of snow globes, yes, I bought ANOTHER gumball machine! Since my gumball machine waterless snow globes were so well received this past Christmas, I just had to pick this one up! It will be put away until later in the year when I'll get back to work on Christmas ideas. My cost: $2.86.

mini tart tins springform pan

I was thrilled to find some more vintage baking tins to add to my collection. I got 7 small tins for 92 cents and two larger ones for $1.82. I know the prices seem rather odd. I've yet to figure out the pricing strategy of my local Salvation Army. The larger spring form pan was $1.86 which in retrospect was probably too much. But I'm hoping to use it for a special project. I'm quite happy to use the smaller tins as additional vintage jewelry storage.

Mint Julep Cup

I collect mint julep cups of all sizes. This one's rather large so it will definitely be used as a vase.

Mint Julep Cup

There's something about the patina'd silver and the bead work trim that I love. This one cost 92 cents.

ceramic block letter Z

While this ugly brown three-dimensional ceramic "Z" doesn't look like much now, I have a cool idea as to how I can first paint it and then use it in my decor. I'm big on using letters to decorate in all kinds of ways. Cost: Goodwill $1.99.

Porcelaine Limoges Castel France fluted floral patterned bowl

I'd have to say that this week my absolute favorite is the Limoges footed bowl. How about you?

This weekend will be filled with chauffeuring kids around and taking care of household projects that need attention. Do you have anything special planned?

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Curtains in My Tree said...

My favorite is the tin baking tins
I always buy these also and have about 6 very old tin muffin tins I found for 50 cents each off and on shopping thrift stores. I put my odd jewelry pieces in them when working in the studio,I love to add a charm to a card i'm making

I have been to goodwill's out of state that had odd price like 52 cents etc?

Anonymous said...

GREAT finds!!! I absolutely LOVE the thrill of the hunt!!!!
No goodwill in our area. just Salvation arms. I found a great vintage pin for $.75 and an amazing vintage suitcase for $6.
LOVE junkin!!!!!!!!

Sharon @ Blue Willow House said...

Love all of your finds but I love your new name even more. Thrill of the Hunt is perfect. Wish I had thought of it. All the thrift stores around me use a weird pricing structure with little or no consistency at all. Love it when they price low! Have a great weekend. sb

Home on the Corner said...

Love this! I like the 'Z" and can't wait to see what you are going to do with it! My daughter and I are doing something very similar called Fabulous Finds and Fashions. We 'try' to post on Wed., but like you , it doesn't always happen. Here is the link if you would like to take a look.
Thanks for sharing your finds!

Deanies Stash said...

I like all your finds. The Thrill of the Hunt is an apt name! I think sometimes the hunt is more exciting than the finds! That doesn't mean I don't drag a lot home though. LOL!

xo Dianne

My thrift store addiction said...

Great finds, Kathleen! I often use that phrase about thrifting so I love the new name, too! Your first piece is just gorgeous and so fresh for spring. Your Salvation Army definitely has better prices than mine ;)

Bonnie Schulte said...

I found several smaller beautiful "gold" frames, years and years ago (45 years) at the Salvation Army when I visited my aunt in the Twin cities, and we went shopping. Still have those frames with very nice pictures of angels I put in them. In our small city, we have a Good Will, and a St.Vincent store. I do find some fun and good items, but I still wish I could shop at a Salvation Army Store again. What fun it was to see your Treasures...I love the hunt too.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

That Limoges bowl is so pretty! I can't believe you found such fabulous treasures at the Salvation Army! My local store does not have such nice things. I can't pick a them all!

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