Thrill of the Hunt #29

June 10, 2016

thrift store cutting board vintage find

Welcome friends! It's time for Thrill of the Hunt #29, and once again I'm excited to share my latest thrifting finds with you. What does the weekend look like in your neck of the woods? It should be pretty temperate here in the midwest, so I'm looking forward to being outside. Maybe even working on a new DIY project - I'll keep you posted on that! So, what thrift store finds have I come up with lately?

thrift store cutting board vintage find

I'll start off with some wood. A cutting board to be exact. I've been on the hunt for these for a while. Right now I have a round one and a small oblong one, hardly enough to call a collection, but I'm working on it! And as for this board, well, I have a DIY project in mind for it!

thrift store cutting board vintage find

I'm usually pretty open to buying all kinds of things at thrift stores, however, I must say that any cutting board I pick up there will NOT be used as a true cutting board. There are not enough cleaners in the world that could convince me to use a previously used cutting board for anything more than decoration. But I'm ok with that, since I'll never pay more than a few dollars for any one of them.

thrift store wood board message center

Okay, back to wood. I'm not really sure what this item was in a prior life, but I have a few ideas as to what I might do with it. It's a simple wood frame with a hard, particleboard-like insert. I'd never seen one before, but of course after I bought this one I saw three more at other thrift stores in different colors. I held myself back from buying those as well. 

thrift store wood board message center

What do you think?

I can always spray it with chalkboard paint. I could also add cork tiles, which I already have in my stash. Or I can use whiteboard paint. (Yes, it's a thing.) 

thrift store wood board message center with chalk holder

Seeing this ledge makes me think that maybe it's supposed to be some sort of chalkboard?

thrift store wood board message center or DIY wall art

But when I lay it this way I think maybe I could just stencil on some inspirational (or at least witty) quote to use as wall art. And the frame will get painted. That, my friends, goes without saying.

Frontgate monogram pillow

Now let's talk textiles. This find is exactly what it says it is. To say I was thrilled to find it (in our initial!) would be an understatement. If you're not familiar with Frontgate, they're a high-end retailer of home decor, for both inside and outside the home. Suffice it to say that I do not buy their goods. But I could not resist this. The cover unzips, so as soon as I got it home I took the cover off and washed it. It was actually in great shape, and looked almost like new. It does not appear to be for sale anymore, but I found a close facsimile of it on their website for $159. 'Nuff said.

Frontgate monogram pillow

And you KNOW that I'm all about the white! So this is just the right color for me! And speaking of white, I snagged another white textile find at an estate sale.

white chenille bedspread

I was tickled pink to find this full-sized chenille beadspread for $5.99. Pricey for me, but oh so worth it! I still have my mother's vintage white chenille bedspread, but it's so old it has holes in it! This one is in pristine condition, and is a good weight as well. Even though our bed is a king-sized bed, I have managed to make this work for us as a summer bedspread. It's pretty easy to do, actually, if all your bedding is white! It all blends together!

white chenille bedspread

As I was contemplating purchasing it, I realized that even if the entire thing were not in great shape, I I could still use the rest of it for some project or other. Can you say pillows?

white chenille bedspread
But that won't be necessary! For now, on our bed it goes. 

Which find do you like best?

1. cutting board
2. potential message center
3. Frontgate monogram pillow
4. white chenille bedspread

Not surprisingly, I love them all.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my
 Thrill of the Hunt finds! 

Thanks so much for spending time with me today!

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thrift store cutting board vintage find

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Leave a Comment! said...

Those look like all nice finds Kathleen. I like them all. So hard to find chenille these days & the price was a steal. When I see them down here, they are usually $20 minimum. I like that potential chalkboard too.

Redo It Yourself Inspirations said...

I'm pretty sure that the wood frame was a calendar frame. I remember them from the 70s when folk art was popular. You placed your calendars in them and the ledge was for pencils/pens. I found one at a thrift shop and turned it into a stenciled tray by reinforcing the luan backboard and added drawer pulls for handles. Just recently painted it with chalkboard paint for my kitchen makeover. (I like the chalkboard better for myself.)

It has so many possibilities. I love the ideas you have. I'm very sure you'll make it amazing! =D

Sharon @ Blue Willow House said...

The Frontgate pillow is nice but give me a chenille bedspread any day especially at that price. I had one of those calendar frames back in the day. Lots of repurposing possibilities with it.

My thrift store addiction said...

Kathleen, I agree with Robin about the calendar frame. Remember when those Lang country calendars were all the rage? I found one a few years back and repurposed it as a chalkboard. I can't believe how WHITE your thrifted whites are--great finds!

Curtains in My Tree said...

My favorite is the chenille bedspread then the soon to be chalkboard.

I have used previously used wood cutting boards after a couple beach washes. Of course they didn't look bad to start with

Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel Vintage said...

Great finds! I love chenille so the bedspread is my fave. I have a twin size white one and hung it as a curtain in my craft room for awhile. I didn't want to cut into it so I just hung it on clips. It has flowers on it and was so pretty to look at every day. It's now waiting for its next repurpose.

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