Thrill of the Hunt #31

June 27, 2016

After last week's vintage ironstone extravaganza, I thought I'd start out today's Thrill of the Hunt with yet another vintage ironstone find. My cost: $4.99. That was quite a lot for me to spend on any one item, but I knew it was probably worth much more, which helped justify the purchase. Plus I knew that it would be going up on our dining room ironstone gallery wall at some point in the future.

There is no question that this platter is vintage ironstone. The whole crazing thing pretty much gives its age away. Well, not literally, but you know what I mean. I loved its unusual shape.

You can really see the crazing, or fine cracks that leave dark marks, in this photo. They are usually a sign of age.

It also has a wheat pattern that's hard to see, as well as photograph, 
probably due to so many years of use.

Here's the mark on the back. It says: "Thos. Hughes & Son Ltd Made in England." It also says "Unicorn Works Longport".  After much research I'm still stumped as to the approximate age of this piece. I can not find a Thos. Hughes & Son Ltd. mark that has two flying dragons on it. I've found platters with the wheat pattern on it, but the animals in the mark are usually a lion and a horse or unicorn. Any ideas? All educated guesses welcome!

Next up are these two vintage books I picked up at Goodwill for $1.29 each. Their blue covers are what drew my attention. Little did I know that what was inside would draw my attention as well.

"Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society" sounds so la-de-da, doesn't it? Aristotle was a great philosopher, the greatest I think. And it all sounds quite interesting to me. Jurisprudence, or the philosophy of law, was my favorite class in law school. I even got the highest grade in the class for it. So I think I'm actually going to have to give this book at least a cursory glance to see what it's about.

I found this edition, put it in the cart, then walked to another part of the book section and found the other one! I thought it was destiny so I had to pick up the second one as well. It only seemed right. The second book's title says it's from 1954-1955 and was copyrighted in 1955.

I searched but could not find any other books from the series.

As you can see, they're already acting as the perfect props in my photo shoots!

Last but not least I'd like to share this wicker wrapped demijohn that I picked up at Goodwill for $4.99. That is mucho pricey for me, however, the first time I saw it I refrained from buying it. After thinking about it for a week I went back to the store and lo and behold there it was still waiting for me!  Another kismet moment I thought.

I did a bit of research on wicker wrapped demijohns but did not find any definitive source that could tell me whether or not it's vintage. It seems a bit too pristine to me to be vintage. Either way, I love it and will use it in my everyday decor. I think it oozes French country/farmhouse.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my
 Thrill of the Hunt finds! 

Thanks so much for spending time with me today!

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My thrift store addiction said...

Great finds Kathleen! I have a hard time passing on any vintage books!

Mimi said...

Kathleen, isn't it a great feeling to find something really worthwhile when thrifting! Love the ironstone platter! Mimi xxx

Unknown said...

Great finds, Kathleen. I especially like the blue books. Enjoy your new finds!

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