Spray Painted Crib Turned Headboard and HomeRight Paint Sprayer GIVEAWAY!

November 10, 2016

I am SO excited to share my HomeRight paint sprayer experience with you today! I'm teaming up with a group of DIY blogger friends who are all using their HomeRight paint sprayers and spray shelters to create awesome DIY projects. Read on and at the end of the post you can find out how to win your very own HomeRight paint sprayer and two - count 'em two - spray shelters as well!

{I received the sprayer and large spray shelter from HomeRight but all opinions are my own.}

HomeRight Max Finish paint sprayer spray shelter

Okay, so where  to begin? Let's just say that I have been aware of the buzz about HomeRight painting products for some time now. So as you can imagine I was totally stoked to receive their Finish Max paint sprayer and large spray shelter in the mail. I knew right away what I wanted to do with it for my first HomeRight project.

crib side slats full sized bed headboard paint project

Chickadee number one (who just turned seventeen by the way - gasp) has always wanted me to paint her bed's headboard and footboard white. I figured that the first time I used the paint sprayer it should be a pretty straightforward project, and this was it. I didn't want to start with something that had a lot of curves and detail to it. Believe it or not, the piece I painted was actually one side of her crib. I made sure when buying my kids' cribs that they could be used as full-sized bed headboards and footboards after the kids grew up and into "real" beds. 

For starters, I sanded the whole thing in order to help the paint adhere better. Then I used a primer just to be safe for the same reason. Then my daughter and I got to work on setting up the spray shelter.

How to set up HomeRight spray paint spray shelter.

How to set up HomeRight spray paint spray shelter.

The spray shelter is SO easy to put together. Here's Chickadee number two helping me assemble it. I'll admit I had to watch a video or two before I figured it out, but you really can put it all together in about five minutes (although it's much easier with a helper).

How to set up HomeRight spray paint spray shelter side view.

Here's a side view.

How to set up HomeRight spray paint spray shelter.

And here it is all put together. Keep in mind that the shelter does not have a floor to it. But that can be easily remedied with my "drop cloth" solution.

Dollar Store Drop Cloth Tip:
Your local Dollar Store should carry $1.00 plastic shower curtain liners that work great as inexpensive dropcloths for your painting projects. I always make sure I have a few on hand before I start a project. 

Valspar color sample Ultra White

I was psyched to finally be able to use my Valspar paint samples that I collected back when Lowes was giving out almost-monthly free samples. The color is Ultra White. I used two 8-ounce jars.

viscosity cup, paint thickness

Something I hadn't thought about before using a sprayer is that your paint has to be thin enough to make it through the sprayer without clogging it! In light of this, HomeRight provides a small cup that you can use to test the viscosity, or thickness, of your paint. They give you guidelines as to how fast your paint needs to exit the cup before you can use it in the sprayer. You fill the cup with your paint and wait for it to drain out, counting all the while.

My paint was draining WAY too slowly. So I began adding small amounts of water, a little bit at a time, testing the viscosity after each addition. Turns out after adding the adequate amount of water I had basically double the liquid I had when I started. Because of this, I worried that the paint would be too thin to provide good coverage, but I'm happy to say I was wrong.  

HomeRight paint sprayer paint cup

Here's the paint in the container before I added water to it. Doesn't look like much, does it?

Here it is from the side. There are notches on the side of the container you can use as a guide.
HomeRight spray shelter in garage

And here's the headboard, propped up in my HomeRight large spray shelter, ready for painting! I did the project in my garage rather than outside, since in order to guarantee that the tent did not blow away I would have had to stake it into the ground (stakes come with it), which I was too lazy to do. I also didn't want to leave a tent out in the yard overnight, nor did I want to have to take it down and put it up again the next day. So the garage was a good compromise.

Once I laid down two shower curtain liners, ahem, I mean drop cloths, I threw a third cloth over a few large plastic storage bins that I used to hold the headboard up while I painted it.

After testing the sprayer with water to get a feel for it, I followed the remaining HomeRight instructions provided and sprayed my first coat. I was amazed at the ease with which I covered the entire first side of the headboard. I impatiently waited for the paint to dry (about an hour) and then I sprayed on a second coat. By this time it was night and I had to wait until the next day to paint the other side.

The following morning I painted two coats on the other side. I have to say that the actual "painting" could not have been easier. The prep and post work is more than you have with traditional painting (think getting the paint ready re: viscosity, and cleaning the parts afterwards), but I think there's a learning curve involved with that. In other words, I believe that the more I use the sprayer, the more I can cut down on my prep and clean up time.

And here's the finished product.

slatted crib painted bed headboard

slatted crib painted bed headboard

slatted crib painted bed headboard

slatted crib painted bed headboard

So what do you think?

Now all I have to do is get more paint so I can paint the footboard. Once that's done I will share the totally finished bed with you. Do I detect a teen bedroom makeover in my future? Stay tuned to find out! And thanks to HomeRight for providing me with the awesome paint sprayer and large spray shelter that made this DIY paint project possible.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my 
 Spray Painted Crib Turned Headboard
and HomeRight Paint Sprayer Giveaway (details below). 
Thanks for spending time with me today!

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Now for the HomeRight Giveaway Details:

GIVEAWAY will be active from Midnight ET 11/9/16 thru Midnight ET 11/20/16. 

THE GIVEAWAY includes the Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer AND both large AND small spray shelters with total MSRP over $180 value to ONE winner!

Enter below and good luck!

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Unknown said...

Kathleen your crib rails turned headboard turned out great!!! I would have never thought of doing that :)

Unknown said...

Good info about the paint sprayer. I've been curious to understand how it all works out for projects. This helps.

Queen Of Rods said...

I've been curious about using a sprayer and a shelter. Thanks for the info :)

toni1965 said...

The headboard turned out great and your helpers were amazing :) I also had a learning curve with thinning the paint but when you do it a few times you start to tell by eye how thin is perfect before starting the test. I think I tested my first batch like 5 times. But the coverage is perfect, never going back to a paint brush :)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I love how your project turned out, Kathleen...great tutorial! The spraying tent is a great idea, too! Fun giveaway!

Unknown said...

This turned out great - the HomeRight stuff is so perfect for all these DIYs!

Unknown said...

I would love to win a Home Right Sprayer! I loved the tutorial and how nice your pictures were to demonstrate all that comes with it. Awesome idea and thanks for the giveaway!

Unknown said...

Love your blog and think the headboard looks great.

Unknown said...

This looks awesome!!The Homeright sprayer is the best thing ever!!

Lisa said...

You and your helper sure making setting up the large spray shelter look easy! And the new viscosity cup sounds very handy!

Susie @ The Chelsea Project Blog said...

Love learning that thinning the paint doesn't change the coverage. That point can really be scary, especially when using white. Your post is a great testimony to great coverage. Look forward to seeing the headboard in place! XO Susie from ChelseaPRoject

Denise Bryant said...

This turned out awesome and thanks for the Dollar Store tip on using a shower curtain for a tarp.

Unknown said...

Kathleen, your new sprayer would have been magic for your kitchen cabinets! I love my sprayer so much. It was such a time saver on all the closet doors and MCM bedroom suite I've sprayed. A shelter would be pretty awesome ... hope I win one :D ;D Thanks for sharing your project. So nice that you had your helpers. Take care, Cynthia

Unknown said...

Love the sprayer and your project. Thank you for the giveaway.

Unknown said...

Love it! And that's a great tip about getting a shower curtain at the dollar store for a drop cloth. I'll have to remember that one. Thanks for sharing.

queenopearls said...

Wow, I just found you and your painting job is stellar! I have to have one of these HomeRight sprayers! Some outdoor furniture needs serious help! :)))
Glad I found your blog and I am now a subscriber.
~ Christina in FL

LivingVintage said...

Thanks so much for the opportunity to win! I've been wanting to paint our dining room chairs and the paint sprayer would make it a whole lot easier.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!!! winning would ROCK! You create such inspiring creations!!

Tarahlynn said...

Thank you so much for the giveaway opportunity!!

Ann said...

Nice to hear the 'ins & outs' of the sprayer - such a time-saver, in spite of the clean-up! LOL

maypop said...

Love the idea of the spray shelter! Makes spray painting so much neater.

srpprcrftr said...

What an especially clever idea using crib for head and foot board. You sure deserved a sprayer and spray shelter. it looks so nice.
thanks for giving opportunity to win sprayer and shelters, wow, what an awesome giveaway.
We've lived in our single wide mfg. home for over 10 yrs. have lived with vinyl coating on really ugly cupboards all that time. Boy would I love to paint those kitchen cupboards.
Have great weekend and really wonderful Thanksgiving

https://www.vintagesouthernpicks.com said...

Did you have to clean the sprayer since you had to wait overnight to do the 2nd coat? That's a great deal on the giveaway BTW! Thanks for the offer...the headboard looks very nice. Hope your daughter is pleased.

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