Thrill of the Hunt #45

April 17, 2017

Hello friends! Welcome to Thrill of the Hunt #45! I've been on a veritable thrifting roll lately so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Avon Occur! perfume poodle bottle

Recognize this? I never personally had one, but Avon perfume bottles were very much in vogue at one time. I've learned that they had their heydey from 1965-1980. Unfortunately, they have not appreciated in value as some collectors might have hoped. But they are still a very solid kitschy collectible. My poodle is an Avon Bon Bon milk glass perfume decanter (Avon's words) that contained Occur! perfume. It's empty but you can still smell the long-lost perfume.

Avon Occur! perfume poodle bottle

Here's a view from the back of the bottle. Unfortunately, part of the ring around the bottom of the head is broken off, and there is some yellowing/discoloration. Despite its imperfections I still think it's worth holding on to. 

Avon Occur! perfume poodle bottle

Here's the bottle without the head. 

Avon Occur! perfume poodle bottle

Here's the label, Avon "Occur!" Occur, launched in 1963,  is a floral fragrance that contains, among other things, bergamont and lilly-of-the-valley. Based on this I know I would have loved it. 

Dunham Woods Horse Show engraved silver jewelry box with fox

There was something about this silver box that called to me. I knew I didn't really need another jewelry box but I loved the fox on the lid and I was intrigued by the inscription: DWHS. I always love a good mystery when it comes to my vintage finds. So in the cart it went.

Dunham Woods Horse Show engraved silver jewelry box with fox

Here's a close up of the fox. Isn't it darling?

Dunham Woods Horse Show engraved silver jewelry box with fox

DWHS. Hhhmmmmm. I wondered what high school could have issued these boxes? Perhaps to a particular graduating class? I never thought I'd be able to crack the code, if you will, for there are a ton of high schools with DW in their initials.

Dunham Woods Horse Show engraved Manse Hill silver jewelry box

Yes, I paid all of $1.99 for it. Ironically, it was the maker's sticker that helped me figure out what it was. When I looked up Manse Hill Silver, Inc. I found out that they sold equestrian goods and that they had created this particular box for the Dunham Woods Horse Show. So it wasn't from a high school after all! The Dunham Woods Horse show takes place about 2 miles from my home each year. The Dunham Woods Riding Club sponsors many a fox hunt every fall so the fox on the lid makes perfect sense!

coca cola Christmas drinking glass Haddon Sundblom Santa

In 1961, Coca-Cola issued a three part Christmas drinking glass series bearing the artwork of Haddon Sundblom, a noted artist who painted Santa Claus for Coke's marketing campaigns from 1931 to 1964. I'm not sure if you had to purchase the glasses or if they were part of some promotional campaign where you got them for free. 

coca cola Christmas drinking glass Haddon Sundblom Santa

I knew when I saw it that it had to be a collectible.

coca cola Christmas drinking glass Haddon Sundblom Santa

Anything that says "Three of three Series II" is bound to be a collectible in my book! The Santa depicted on this glass is a reproduction of Sundblom's 1948 Santa. Each year Sundblom created a slightly different Santa, but they all had the signature red suit, beard and twinkling eyes. Coca-Cola Haddon Sundblom drinking glass SOLD.

Teen Trivia Plus

This game made me laugh when I saw it. The precursor to Trivial Pursuit perhaps? Nope! Trivial Pursuit was invented in 1979 and this edition of Teen Trivia Plus is from 1984. 

Teen Trivia Plus

Know any of the answers? (I've provided the answers for both cards at the bottom of this post! No peeking.....)

Teen Trivia Plus

How about these? 

The Teen Triva Plus Game is AVAILABLE in my Etsy shop.

Well, that's it for today, friends!

I hope you enjoyed reading 
Thrill of the Hunt #45
and that I've inspired you in some way.  

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Teen Trivia Plus Answers:

Red Card

1. 8

2. basketball

3. 5

4. The Twilight Zone

Blue Card

5. with ice cream

6. a summer camp

7. the sun's shadow

8. Franklin Roosevelt 

How many did you get right?

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rush said...

About the Santa glass...I remember when gas stations used to have those for a premium. Also, fast food restaurants used to give away the glasses with some kind of purchase. And, it wasn't quite during my time, but laundry detergent had goods packed in with their powdered detergent. I know there were towels, but maybe glassware, too. Another stores used to have promotions where one could purchase items weekly by getting punches or stamps or using their receipts. Whew! There were so many ways to obtain premiums, and so many places did it. Maybe you can find out how this particular glass was distributed.

Love the kitschy poodle!

My thrift store addiction said...

Great finds, Kathleen! I've been seeing a lot of the Avon decanters lately, but I've never seen your milk glass poodle--he's a keeper!

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