Thrill of the Hunt #50

June 12, 2017

So how's your early summer thrifting going? Mine has been going pretty well. Which is good because that means I have a few nifty, thrifty items to share with you today!

When we were in the throes of putting our house on the market a few years ago, I was obsessed with buying collector plates depicting the states that we had lived in and those that we MIGHT live in. Indiana was one of those states. We had been looking at a suburb just outside of South Bend, Indiana as a potential place to move. While we ended up not moving (yay!) I've still been obsessed with these types of kitschy collector plates. And lo and behold I recently found one from Indiana Beach/Lake Shafer.

Indiana Beach is a resort located in Monticello, Indiana, overlooking the Honey Creek portion of Lake Shafer. Interestingly, Lake Shafer is actually a reservoir that is fed by the Tippecanoe River. Come to find that it's only two and a half hours away. Perhaps we've found a new vacation spot to explore?

Continuing in the Indiana theme, I found a metal tray of sorts in the shape of two hearts. I've seen similar vintage souvenirs that were actually ashtrays, but this one is not an ashtray. A coin tray perhaps? Or maybe just a trinket tray to place on your hall table, dresser or maybe to hang on the wall. It highlights the Indianapolis Speedway, the state bird (cardinal) and the fact that it's called the Hoosier State.

Next on my list of vintage goodies is a pair of salt and pepper shakers.

I believe they're supposed to be bread rolls. I love the really retro kitschy ones like these. Their cork plugs were basically disintegrated so I exchanged them for new ones. Despite some crazing they look pretty good! Bread roll salt and pepper shakers are AVAILABLE

Be still my heart. 

Just look at that precious face! And the overall detail. This praying boy is beyond adorable!

It had the original label still attached: Brinn's PGH, PA Made in China. So it was made in China for the Brinn Company from Pittsburgh PA. That's all I know. A google search left me pretty much empty handed otherwise. I couldn't find this exact figurine online, but I did find many similar figurines of a little boy kneeling in prayer. Obviously that's been a popular collector theme over the years.

Now on to a completely different type of item, but one that's not too far off from most of my "hunt" posts: a thrifty find relating to Christmas! I picked up two of these brand new mini pine trees wrapped in burlap for $1.99 each at Goodwill. I already owned two similar ones that I absolutely love so why not pick up a few more? You can never have too many of the things that make you happy. I like to use them for farmhouse decor all throughout the year, not just at Christmas. 

Here are the originals staged with my DIY Pray Big Farmhouse Sign. I believe I got them on sale at Michael's or JoAnn's. See what I mean about using them for everyday farmhouse decor? Love it.

Well, that's it until next time!

I hope you enjoyed reading 
Thrill of the Hunt #50
and that I've inspired you in some way.

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rush said...

Those cute salt and pepper shakers remind me of a dinner roll called Clover dinner rolls because of their 3 "leaves". They were a heat-and-serve kind of roll that came in a "sheet" of 12. said...

Those S& P's do look exactly like dinner rolls! So cute. Those are my favorites plus the Indiana souvenirs.

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