Decorating with Wheat: Simple Farmhouse Style Fall Sideboard Vignette

November 13, 2017

wheat decor fall nature pomegranates pine cones tobacco basket

Yup, I'm still chugging along with my fall decor projects. Christmas aisles in the craft stores be damned! Just as I only recently created my farmhouse fall pumpkin pillow, I am just getting around to some farmhouse fall decorating with a few natural elements I've never used before -- namely, wheat and pomegranates.

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One of the reasons I've held off using wheat in my fall decor is the price. But the planets aligned recently when Hobby Lobby put all their florals on sale for a buy one-get one free event and I knew what I had to do. I picked up two packages of wheat for $7.00. Yes, that was the sale price. Seems crazy to be paying so much for dried wheat but I knew it was probably the best price I was going to find. If you're not lucky enough to find a local sale, you can always purchase these wheat sheaves

wheat sheaf

As you can see it comes in a very tall arrangement. And that's fine if you're going to use it in, say, a tall galvanized bucket or some equally tall container. Otherwise you'll need to do some trimming.

wheat decor fall nature pomegranates pine cones tobacco basket

Here is one of the packages of wheat after I plopped it into my thrift store pseudo-demijohn. WAY too tall and a bit sparse looking for my taste. This is where I eyeball it and start cutting it down to better fit the bottle. 

Exhibit A: all the stems cut from both sheaves of wheat. After cutting it all down I placed it back in the bottle only to find that it was still a bit too tall, so I cut off just a teensy bit more.

After cutting off about another inch I hit the sweet spot. 

wheat decor fall nature pomegranates pine cones tobacco basket

Now we're looking a little better as far as height of the wheat versus height of the bottle is concerned. 

wheat decor fall nature pomegranates pine cones tobacco basket

Here are both sheaves arranged in the bottle with a few pomegranates thrown in for good measure. I used real pomegranates but they can be expensive as well. Sometimes faux fruit is the better, and cheaper, choice.   

wheat decor faux pomegranates pine cones tobacco basket

The tray was looking a little bare so I added some pine cones -- perfect! Throw in the tobacco basket and my rustic metal lanterns and the vignette was good to go.

wheat decor fall nature pomegranates pine cones tobacco basket

wheat decor fall nature pomegranates pine cones tobacco basket

wheat decor fall nature pomegranates pine cones tobacco basket

The pomegranates really add beautiful color to the arrangement.

pine cone pomegranate wheat sheaf

wheat decor fall nature pomegranates pine cones tobacco basket

embroidered gather table runner

Last but not least is the linen runner I used. I was amazed to find it at Big Lots for a heavily discounted price. Runners can be so expensive! Each end of it has this gorgeous embroidery on it. The gold, brown and white tones went perfectly with my natural, rustic farmhouse fall vignette. And the "gather" sentiment seemed just perfect for Thanksgiving.

 Shop the look:

pine cones
tobacco basket
battery-operated candles

Well, I guess it's time for me to catch up with all of blogland and start posting about this season's Christmas projects. As much as I hate to admit it, I realize that Christmas will be upon us sooner than we can say "Have yourself a merry little Christmas." So I best be getting my holiday cheer in gear!

Well, that's it until next time, friends! 
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Kathy said...

I enjoyed your vignette. As a householder with curious cats, I'm passing on the wheat but have used it in numerous Harvest silk flower arrangements that don't remain in my house! To find good homes for some of my fall flower arrangments at our church bazaar Sat., we used them as door prizes; people were pleased to pick out an arrangement or wreathe. Of course, my name and my boyfriend's *he wears a Santa hat and acts as cashier) names were called so we told 2 people to go pick out an arrangement; one thought of it as an early birthday present and was SOOO pleased. I love paying it forward! I sure didn't want to bring an arrangement I made back home!

Cecilia said...

I feel the same way about Christmas decorating taking over before Thanksgiving! Love the wheat arrangement and the Fall vignette. Very pretty!

Old Time Cindy said...

Love the look and the simplicity. I love the look of wheat and I would use it in my home, but cannot. I have a cat and since she thinks she's an interior decorator, my arrangement would be redone (probably on the floor).

Crafts a la Mode said...

Pinned. Thanks for showing how to seamlessly cut wheat. Best wishes Linda @crafts a La mode

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