DIY Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath in 5 Easy Steps

November 20, 2017

DIY Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath tutorial

Hello, guys! I'm pretty excited to be sharing this embroidery hoop Christmas wreath tutorial with you today for two reasons: 1. I've finally finished a Christmas project to blog about and 2. It's a knock-off of a wreath I originally saw online from a famous retailer. They just announced a new celebrity line of home goods and holiday wares, including a wreath similar to this one. I dare not mention the actual names involved for fear that the knock-off police will come and shut me down. Seriously. So you'll just have to guess which store and celebrity-endorsed line I'm talking about. (Rhymes with parget. Yes, that's a word.)

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wooden embroidery hoops

It all started with a set of embroidery hoops. I picked up a group of three for a song a few years ago in the hopes of using them as artwork -- filled with vintage doilies and lace I've accumulated over the years. Yeah, so that never happened. And the hoops sat. And sat. And sat. Then I started seeing all kinds of "embroidery hoop wreaths" on blogs, on Pinterest and in magazines. Then recently I saw a holiday hoop wreath being offered by a well-known retailer and the light bulb went off: I can make that myself. So here's how I did it.

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath Tutorial


DIY Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath materials tutorial

Fresh greens (I used arbor vitae from our yard)
red and white striped Christmas ribbon (not in picture)
ornament of your choice (I got mine at the Dollar Store, but you can get the same one here.) 

1. Make sure the hoop's hardware at the very top of the hoop is twisted as tight as it can go.

2.  Start by separating the greens into two bunches. Play around with the bunches until you get a natural look, then use floral wire to wrap each bunch together at the bottom.

3. Again, using the floral wire, carefully wrap it around each bunch of greens to secure them to the hoop on either side, meeting in the middle at the bottom of the wreath.

red and white candy stripe Christmas bow

4. Cut your ribbon and make a bow. Attach it to the hoop with a twisty tie or floral wire.

wooden Joy Christmas ornament evergreen pine cones

5. Add your ornament of choice to the top of the wreath. I just hung mine right over the hardware with the jute string provided. (The white hook you see is actually a magnet that's holding the hoop up onto the beadboard background.)

DIY Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath tutorial

Here you can see some additional holiday greens sitting beneath the wreath. I'll be sharing their back story with you some time later next week. Let's just say that they were the icing on the cake when I made an estate sale purchase last weekend. I can't wait to show you what it was.
DIY Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath tutorial

You can change these up in lots of ways -- hang bells instead of a bow, or just use an ornament in place of the bow.  You can go as simple or ornate as you like. I debated painting this one gold but chose to stay natural instead. The reason I like this one is because of its simplicity. And I do think I'll be making one or two more and hanging them all together for a really festive look. I also think they'd look lovely on the front door as well.

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DIY Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath tutorial

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Maria said...

I love that your project is so versitile and you can create so many different looks! Those embroidered rings are amazing and so handy for so many things. Your project is lovely. Happy Thanksgiving.


Stacey said...

Kathleen, I love this! Making an embroidery hoop wreath is on my list this Christmas. I dare say this is prettier than the one sold at the place that rhymes with parget. :)

Cindy@CountyRoad407 said...

Super cute idea! Loved it and can hardly wait to get to the store to pick up what I need to make it. Thanks. Grinned and Pinned!

Libbie@lifeunfolding said...

Really cute wreath!

Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel Vintage said...

Very pretty Kathleen! Love the red and white ribbon. It's just the perfect finishing touch.

Diana said...

Great project, Kathleen! Simple, but so pretty :)

My thrift store addiction said...

This is really lovely, Kathleen!

Unknown said...

Oh Kathleen! This is so cute! Everything goes together so well...from the ribbon, to the hoop, to the greens. I have some hoops sitting idle've inspired me to make one. I can't believe the one from "Parget" could be any cuter.

Randi G said...

O how beautiful!! What a great idea!! LOVE IT!!

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