Thrill of the Hunt #64

February 19, 2018

Welcome to another post in my Thrill  of the Hunt series! I'm so happy you're here. Lately I've been working hard behind the scenes trying to get my Etsy shop, Vintage Farmhouse Love, filled with as many vintage items as I can. I'm making progress and hoping that things will speed up more as I get more experience with it. And today I've got a few of my most recently listed vintage goodies to share with you.

I came across these at my local Goodwill. To say I was thrilled is an understatement!

Aren't they just the cutest things you've ever seen?

This vintage bread and butter salt and pepper shaker set was made in Japan in 1981 by Sarsaparilla Deco Designs, Inc. of New York. Here you can see the "SDD copyright 1981" on the underside of the butter. It's written on the bottom of the bread as well.

It has the original gold Sarsaparilla Deco Designs label on the side of the bread. 

And it even comes with its own carrying tray.

Both shakers have plastic stoppers. The entire three piece set is in excellent condition!  This bread and butter salt and pepper shaker set is SOLD.

I didn't go about trying to amass a salt and pepper shaker collection, but it seems that that's exactly what's happened! I think it's due to a combination of luck in finding some great sets and my growing fascination with the whole vintage salt and pepper shaker thing. 

We've all been guilty of bringing home that kitschy souvenir from a favorite trip or family outing. And clearly, that's what these are. However, I can not for the life of me figure out the decade they were made in. I've researched dolphin shaker sets and some say 1960's, some 1970's and some 1980's. Either way I know they're vintage -- I just wish I knew a bit more of the specifics. 

They're both in very good vintage condition with no chips or cracks. They do have some paint wear along their fins, not unusual for shakers their age.

I love the gold accents!

Each shaker sports a "Kenmar Japan" gold label sticker on the bottom along with rubber stoppers. The fact that it says Japan (versus China or Taiwan) indicates they are vintage. These are a perfect addition to your kitschy vintage salt and pepper shaker collection! Florida dolphin salt and pepper shaker set is AVAILABLE

Check out this vintage state of Maine teapot salt and pepper shaker set. Porcelain with gold trim, the set appears to have never been used. 

Scenes from popular Maine attractions adorn the shakers: The Capitol in Augusta, Maine; Desert Beach; Casco Castle; Old Orchard Beach, The Pier and Portland Lighthouse. There is also a painted lobster (of course), a state flag and a map of the state itself. Who knew it was called The Pine Tree State? If you did, give yourself an A+!

They're in good condition for their age. 

The shakers stand approximately 4 inches tall and have plastic stoppers and original "Made in Japan" stickers on the bottom. State of Maine souvenir salt and pepper shakers are SOLD.

Okay, now these are a blast from the past. I think I remember seeing these when I was a kid. However, I don't recall the seashell "bling" that adorns this shaker set. Perhaps they're souvenirs from a tropical locale like Florida?

Here's the S and the P.

They're both stamped "Japan" on the bottom, just one indicator of their vintage status.

Salt and Pepper Shaker Fun Facts

Through my research I found out a few fun facts about the history of salt and pepper shakers. Apparently, they were invented in 1858 by John Landis Mason, the man who invented the Mason Jar! No wonder I've become enamored of vintage shaker sets! (Um, just look at my blog header!) They were not popular, however, until the 1920's when the Morton Salt Company added an anti-clogging agent so that the salt would actually shake out as opposed to just clump up.

But even after reading about the history of shakers I'm still not sure how to tell the correct age of a shaker set. It's been said that "older" sets were made with more attention to detail. Older versions also have tiny cork stoppers, while newer ones have larger plastic stoppers. Finally, a "Japan" stamp, rather than a China or Taiwan stamp, indicates that the set is probably vintage. And "Made in Occupied Japan" stamps make the sets very valuable! I will continue to look for a more specific reference guide since I've got a few more sets to add to the shop and I know they'll become a regular collectible for me.

Do you have any old salt and pepper shaker sets? 

Do you know anything about their history?

Well, that's it until next time, friends! 
I hope you enjoyed reading about 
Thrill of the Hunt #64!

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Junkchiccottage said...

Good luck with the college tour. I remember when my two daughters did this a few years back. It is exciting to see them getting ready for college but I know your heart it is breaking to see them growing up and leaving the nest for the first time. I have been there and I will tell you it is all good! You will survive it. A bag of Oreo's in the car for the trip home after you drop them off at College for their first day is always a good plan lol! Between the tears of letting go and the drive home the Oreo's helped me!
Have fun checking out the campus's.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Great the bread and butter shakers!

Cecilia said...

Fun to read about the salt and pepper shakers! My favorite is the bread and butter.

My thrift store addiction said...

Oh that first set is just adorable! Great finds!

handmade by amalia said...

This may well be the sweetest salt and pepper set ever. Well spotted, Kathleen!

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