Thrill of the Hunt #73: Something Different This Time

July 23, 2018

computer keyboard safety pins cactus

You'll never guess what thrifted items I have to share with you today, friends! They're a bit different from my usual -- there's no kitsch. I repeat: no kitsch. But I am stoked about them just the same. I picked them up at that local pop-up estate sale I told you about in Thrill of the Hunt #72. And I definitely plan on using them in my home rather than sell them in my Etsy shop. Aren't you in the least bit curious? Let's go!

tall basket with handle and dried hydrangeas

First up is a tall umbrella basket that attracted me like a magnet. I've never owned a basket quite like this before. I thought it had that French country chic look that I love.

thrifted French basket with handle

And the best part? This was my most expensive item -- at $5.00. I rarely pay that much for a thrifted basket but I thought that this one had just the right je ne sais quoi about it which set it apart from my usual finds.

French Bergere chair tall basket dried hydrangeas

You can see how tall it is here, sitting next to my thrifted French bergere chair. While I'm certainly loving it filled with my dried hydrangeas, I can also see it sitting by the door filled with umbrellas. Or maybe in my studio filled with rolls of wrapping paper. Or even pretty greens at Christmas!

laurel leaf topiary Sage Farm Seed Box olive branches green bottle

Next up is one of my absolute favorite decor items -- a topiary! Here it is sitting next to my DIY Stencilled Farmhouse Wooden Nesting Crate. The topiary is unique to me in that it's made from faux laurel leaves. At least I think that's what they are. I've seen some similar topiaries in the major retail catalogs listed as boxwood, but I tend to disagree on this one because the leaves are definitely different. And topiaries can be ridiculously expensive, which is why I never buy them at full price. This one really did take the cake -- it was on the "Everything Is Under $5.00" table. I couldn't believe it, it was only $2.00!

laurel leaf topiary in urn

I think the picture is a bit deceiving as to height. It's actually a great height at 23 inches tall.

I also love the urn it's potted in. 

cypress ball topiary farmhouse chicken wire cloche with candle

It really was my lucky day. I found yet another topiary on the "Everything Is Under $5.00" table -- a cypress ball topiary for  $1.50!

faux cypress topiary terra cotta pot

It's a bit shorter than the laurel one, standing 17 inches high. It's still a good height, though, and looks great on my plant table.

cypress topiary fleur de lis detail on terra cotta pot

I also love the terra cotta pot it came in.

I have live lemon cypress topiaries (cone shaped) that I absolutely love, but this is a fabulous faux ball cypress to add into the mix. Topiaries are versatile and bring much-needed greenery into any room in the house. I've come to rely more and more on natural elements to decorate my home and that makes me feel good.

Well, that's it until next time, friends! 
I hope you enjoyed reading about 
Thrill of the Hunt #73
and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I love all your finds, Kathleen...the basket...oooh!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Love the topiaries and the basket!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and to leave such kind comments!!

My thrift store addiction said...

That basket is fabulous! Great finds!

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